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Polymer lithium battery, the correct way of reasonable battery ternary polymer lithium battery for the first time the battery practical skills

by:dcfpower     2020-12-03

polymers generally refers to the power lithium polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries is in fluid power lithium battery roots to grow up. Nowadays more and more electronic devices of digital electronic products were safe use lithium polymer batteries. Then follow us today - lithium ion battery manufacturer Small make up take a look at! !

the correct way of reasonable battery charging the lithium-ion polymer battery:

1, polymer lithium battery pack batteries, battery chargers are selected as far as possible the original universal battery charger, otherwise will directly affect or damage of polymer lithium battery.

2, polymer lithium battery battery as far as possible when using some method in slow filling way, try to avoid flash charging, repeated charge and discharge will also directly affect the service life of polymer lithium battery.

3, electronic equipment unsafe to use up to seven days, polymer lithium battery should be stable and safe use, after appropriate polymer lithium battery self-discharge condition.

4, polymer lithium battery battery time is not necessarily a very long time, for example, in the case of normal battery charger, when polymer lithium battery should be suspended immediately after filling the battery, otherwise the polymer lithium battery will be affected by heat or high temperature performance directly influences the rechargeable batteries.

5, polymer lithium battery after the battery, try to avoid on the battery charger is put up to 10 hours, such as when not in use for a long time should ensure that the electronic equipment and polymer lithium battery rechargeable battery.

the ternary polymer lithium battery pack for the first time the battery practical skills

lithium polymer battery kinetic energy is high, the miniaturization, lightweight, oxygen is a kind of chemical properties of the battery. Then we ternary polymer lithium battery for the first time the battery practical skills? Then we went on to look! is the key at present stage pressure limiting current limit method, voltage regulator circuits (early CC) Batteries, rechargeable batteries accepted the strongest in the history of professional ability, with the passage of time the battery in the process of continuous expansion, to further strengthen the electrode polarization effect, the temperature rising, working voltage continues to rise, when charged implementation of about 70 ~ 80%, working voltage to achieve high working voltage, the battery limit to constant pressure, CV) The battery. In constant pressure link, has said a trickle charging, cost about 30% of the time filling the 10% of the battery, current strength decreases, and the temperature will not increase.

this give full consideration to the battery pack in the process of a total working voltage or average working voltage control, in fact there is always a single working voltage high, relative to other rechargeable batteries in the group has entered into the battery. Similarly, when the battery charging, within the group will have battery charging rechargeable batteries, charging excessive discharge of rechargeable batteries are lethal damage, different places is only overcharge to form large quantities of air, easy to fire and explosion, strong; Gentle appearance change, but don't work rate is very fast, in the normal safe use should be strictly avoided.

to popularize the lithium polymer battery maintenance method

the first step, is one of the characteristics of lithium polymer batteries. Relative than power lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery continues to improve the problem of rechargeable battery liquid leakage, but also has not completely thorough continues to improve. At the same time can be made into ultra-thin rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion batteries. 5 mm thick can achieve 3. 6 v400 ma volume, and on the discharge, lithium polymer battery is better than traditional power lithium battery is higher than 10%. In safe use at ordinary times, as well as used as the power of lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery short also often worry about rechargeable battery internal structure and external structure of short, excessive charge that some of the specific situation. Reason is because the oxygen chemical properties of lithium is very lively, when rechargeable batteries battery charging the battery at this time, the internal structure of rechargeable batteries will be constant temperature, when the temperature is too high at this time, there will be may form an explosion of new santana. Safe use rechargeable batteries at this time, so, when are prepared ahead of time as far as possible don't overcharge discharge, also is to maintain stability in a planned way the safe use of rechargeable batteries, not easy to let the battery capacity consumed, also don't the battery at this time of the last a long period of time ( Usually eight hours range is the best choice) 。

this is - polymer lithium battery manufacturer Small make up sharing & other; Polymer lithium battery, the correct way of reasonable battery ternary polymer lithium battery for the first time the battery practical skills & throughout; 。 Technology was founded in 2001, is specialized in product research and development of hydride and lithium-ion batteries, intelligence, nimh batteries is dominant revised national standard units, and participate in the development of a number of national standard lithium battery industry. Supply of rechargeable battery design custom to corporate customers, and professional power solutions. Services to corporate clients throughout Europe and America, southeast Asia and mainland China. Shenzhen focus power lithium battery, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery manufacturing 19 years, rechargeable batteries industry leading source manufacturing integration of manufacturers, in rechargeable battery product development design, consultation, installation, testing, and after-sales service and so on each link can bring the latest and best choice for the user services.

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