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Portable devices lithium battery service life in general how long?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-16

nowadays portable devices are using lithium battery pack, can use roughly three hundred to five hundred period of time. In normal use circumstances, the general will be able to use to 3 to 5 years. Therefore no requirement for portable devices friend many people generally use the battery can not be used, the lithium battery service life in general how long? Many portable equipment service life can be done in full 3 years

if the battery life. Portable devices are now using lithium battery, can use roughly three hundred to five hundred period of time. In normal use circumstances, in general to use three to five years. Therefore no requirement for portable devices friend many people generally use the battery can not be used, so many portable equipment service life can be done in full 3 years.

on the other hand is a portable device hardware configuration factor. Now portable devices can be mainly divided into main machine and low-end machine, in view of the main machine configuration in general is relatively high, the performance is better so can use a three to five years. But low-end machine configuration USES the number of years is low, generally in two to four years, it is not very use. And watch the hardware configuration of the friend many portable equipment service life is consistent with the service life of the hardware configuration.

there is a portable device upgrade time accurately. Today the level of development of science and technology especially fast, portable equipment manufacturers automatically update the new rate is also very fast. And many people are like portable equipment brand is a new type of cases, it could resist to choose and buy. This will cause the how long haven't bought before used portable devices sit idle.

so the service life of portable devices for this friend usually didn't arrive in a year. Figure shows information touch lithium aluminum titanium phosphate lithium metal materials ( LATP) Particles is immediately recovered, lithium and severe cases of adverse reaction between the solid electrolyte solution can make the battery system failures in some period of time. On the right side of the display information is a man-made cubic boron nitride plastic film, it can resist on chemical and mechanical lithium. It will electronically LATP lithium and isolation, but when the polyethylene oxide ( PEO) Infiltration, still can supply stable ion channels, gradually achieve relatively stable system.

in addition, chemical vapor deposition method easy to produce large scale preparation of cubic boron nitride ( To bm) Thin, atomic structure size ( To nm) And plastic film in succession. Although the earliest time study with its thickness is 200 microns only polymer coating, but new research and analysis its thickness is only 5 ~ 10 nm BN protective film on the protective layer under the limit is still very thin, and did not reduce the energy density of the battery. This is a perfect material, and can be as a natural barrier, avoid the metal lithium into solid electrolyte solution. Is like a body armor identical, developed a stable solid electrolyte solution for lithium metal material body armor, through the innovation, set up a long circulation service life of lithium metal batteries. Analysis of the research personnel has not been stable will new ways to expand to the wide range of solid electrolyte solution, and further improve the user interface, expect to produce high performance, long cycle system of power battery service life.

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