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Precautions for UPS battery use

by:dcfpower     2021-03-25
There are many details about the use of UPS batteries that we need to pay attention to. Otherwise, it will damage the battery, affect its intended function, and reduce the life span of the battery. So what should be paid attention to in detail? Let me give you a brief introduction. u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e First of all, adjust the use environment of the UPS battery to keep the battery in a ventilated environment. Good ventilation helps speed up the heat dissipation of the battery and prevent the battery from burning out due to excessive heat during long-term operation The internal structure of the battery should also be kept clean and clean frequently to prevent all kinds of dust from entering the battery, causing a short circuit of the battery and affecting the normal operation of various mechanisms. In addition, to prevent damage to the battery by inductive loads, such as money counters, fluorescent lamps, air conditioners, etc., be sure to keep away from the place where the battery is stored. The third is to regularly discharge the battery. This behavior can speed up the battery activation speed. If you do not use or discharge for a long time, you should at least ensure that the load is discharged every three months, otherwise it will make the battery use The life span is virtually exhausted. For the use of UPS batteries, it is also necessary to prevent the battery from being too lightly loaded, because if the load level does not meet the standard, it will increase the possibility of deep discharge of the battery, which will consume the battery life and damage the internal physical The chemical structure should therefore be carefully avoided. The discharged UPS battery must be charged in time, because the battery will self-discharge when not in use, and slowly lose its internal power. This phenomenon will cause the battery itself to be damaged and depreciated. UPS battery: /battery/UPS/u003c/pu003e
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