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Questions and answers on simple lithium battery charge and discharge protection circuit research

by:dcfpower     2021-03-16
Continue to the circuit diagram of the lithium battery protection circuit DIY in the previous column to continue to answer. Q: Hello, I have carefully researched the charging requirements of lithium batteries, and I have also researched the instructions for transferring the IC chip of the girl. Your circuit is very good, very suitable for lithium batteries with protection circuits. But I don’t know if you have noticed that some lithium batteries that have not been used for a long time or have over-discharged due to no protection circuit. During charging, if the voltage is lower than 3V, according to the requirements, it should be no higher than 3V and 25mA The current is used for wake-up charging. After the voltage rises to 3V, the normal charging is performed. Then, can the over-discharge lithium battery with protection circuit be charged? What do you think? In the data I have analyzed, MAX846A should be the most complete charging chip with perfect function design: 1. The charging voltage has been accurately built-in, no need to adjust; 2. Lithium batteries and other types of batteries can also be charged; 3. There are 4 The charging stage is very clear; 4. There are not many external components, but I still have 5-6 SMD packages in my hand. One of them is a dispute with an instructor, and I cannot solder under amateur conditions. A: The suggestion is very good. I will add this wake-up part in the subsequent circuit. If this function is not available, only manual measurement is required. If it does not meet the requirements, simply raise it, or manually change the low current to charge (because the current can be adjusted). Of course, some people are competing to say that the circuit will become more and more complicated. MAX846A is indeed very good and very formal, but apart from the fact that it is not easy to solder under amateur conditions, I don’t know the price. Is it easy to buy? Also, this circuit does not support 3 or higher lithium batteries? Q: When using the lithium battery pack, it is necessary to protect the board, explode and let it die. Charging is much simpler with a protective plate, and it will stop when it is fully charged. A: The question is how much is the cost of installing a protection circuit for each lithium battery pack, and how much time will it take to manufacture it. 10 lithium batteries x 10 protection boards, compared with 10 lithium batteries and 1 constant current and constant voltage charger , Who is easier to DIY, who spends the least meters, easier to DIY manufacturing, of course, discharge protection is a must, otherwise after discharge, the lithium battery is almost reimbursed. Q: It’s not that every section needs a protection board, it’s the overall voltage value of full and discharge. In fact, the most commonly used one, two and three are the problems, no matter how many are connected in parallel, 1 -The 3-section protection board is mature and cheap, one 8-pin dual FET, one 5-teaching control IC, two and three resistors, plus fuses. A: In addition, looking at the termination voltage of lithium batteries, I think 4.2V, 4.1V or others are not very meaningful. Because the consistency of lithium battery products is not good, it can not be charged in series, so the termination voltage of lithium batteries may not be complete. The same, so I think the termination voltage is 5% lower than 4.2V. It is not realistic to charge the battery to 100%, and it is not necessary in practical application. Such design wisdom leads to the complexity of the charging circuit, and the construction of more If the error of the component accumulates, it will lead to greater error, which is not advisable for DIY. Therefore, if the circuit in Figure 1 can accurately control the cut-off point below 5% of the maximum voltage of the lithium battery, the protection circuit can be ignored , The termination voltage is set at 4.00 should be very safe. A: Series charging detects the voltage of each battery individually, and powers off as long as one battery is fully charged. This method is sufficient. If it is required to be fully charged, then N should escape the charging and discharging circuit, and the charging and discharging circuit works under high current, the power consumption problem is much more troublesome than the detection circuit. For example, a 4.2V voltage regulator tube is connected in parallel to each battery, which is only suitable for small current charging. Article source: Please specify for reprintingu003c/pu003e
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