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Razor with lithium batteries advantages and disadvantages

by:dcfpower     2020-10-03

since the lithium battery into society, nickel metal hydride battery status has been affected by the lithium batteries appeared. You wouldn't think, however, nickel metal hydride battery technology has not stalled. Nickel metal hydride batteries used in consumer electronics is different, although most of the electronic market basically is replaced by lithium ion battery, but nimh batteries are still in use in car use. That the two batteries razor is good with nickel metal hydride batteries or lithium battery pack? Is actually a good lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries easy high self-discharge, three times better than lead acid battery or lithium battery, the recent invention of lithium battery can also be the power of the year. That today we are battery manufacturer with everybody know about the advantages and disadvantages with lithium batteries razor.

razor use lithium-ion batteries advantages:

1. voltage high platform, can make a good lithium battery pack pack

high lithium battery voltage platform: monomer battery voltage to an average of 3. 7 v or 3. 2 v, is approximately equal to three nickel cadmium battery or nickel metal hydride batteries in series voltage, convenience of razor battery power group.

2。 Energy than high, weight is light took up the razor won't appear heavy

compared with high energy density batteries, lithium batteries. High energy storage density, at present has reached 460 - 600 wh/kg, it is about 6 - lead-acid batteries Seven times. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries light weight, under the same volume weight is about 1/5 of the lead acid products, 6.

3。 Still have a long service life is long, cycles

a longer service life than lithium-ion batteries, service life can be up to six years, lithium ion batteries are negative reaction can be easily reached one thousand times for the razor to use the record;

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