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Real life ternary lithium batteries, the ternary lithium batteries advantages and disadvantages

by:dcfpower     2020-12-06

the ternary lithium polymer battery also can be divided into three yuan, ternary lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries ternary power lithium battery, etc. Ternary lithium battery pack is refers to the use of nickel, cobalt, manganese, these three kinds of transition metal oxides as battery cathode material of lithium battery application field that is very common, is very common in the middle of the life. Today let's talk what is real life ternary lithium batteries, the ternary lithium batteries advantages and disadvantages.

what is a ternary polymer lithium battery

in nature, lithium is the lightest, the smallest metal atomic mass and atomic weight of it is 6. 94g/mol,ρ=0. 53g/cm3。 Lithium chemistry and lively, easy to lose electrons are oxidation of Li +, so the most negative standard electrode potential, for - 3. 045 v, electrochemical equivalent minimum, 0. 26 g/Ah, this features determines its lithium is a kind of material has very high specific energy. Usually refers to the use of nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium as the anode material, graphite as the cathode material of lithium battery. Unlike the lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium battery voltage platform is very high, it is implied that under the same volume or the weight, the ternary lithium battery than power, greater than power. Not only that, in the big charging, low temperature resistance, etc. , and ratio of ternary lithium battery pack also has a great advantage.

as a rechargeable lithium battery, ternary lithium battery stable output voltage, output voltage is high, stable performance, large capacity, long service life, wide operation temperature, good safety and environmental protection free from contamination, so in the future development of lithium-ion batteries have a big rise in space, but also need to constantly research in order to achieve the purpose of improving its own defects. Is now widely research and application of lithium ion rechargeable battery.

for ternary polymer lithium battery, now the largest number of life science research, technique level is the most mature perfect is panasonic, already can complete 30 c discharge test stage, among which have successfully completed commercial mass production of power type 18650 multiples of 12 c ternary lithium battery discharge, capacity is 3300 mah. Domestic also have factory production ternary polymer lithium-ion batteries have been very successful, such as shenzhen technology co. , LTD. , since its establishment has 19 years, advanced production technology, the ternary polymer lithium battery production out of battery is one of the best domestic products.

the ternary lithium battery life

to put it bluntly, lithium battery life is usually refers to the battery after using for a while, capacity attenuation of nominal capacity ( Room temperature 25 ℃, standard atmospheric pressure, and with 0. 2 c discharge of battery capacity) 70%, can think life stop. In the industry generally to lithium battery full cycle times to calculate the cycle of life. In the process of using, lithium battery irreversible electrochemical reactions can occur within the capacity is reduced, for example, the electrolyte decomposition, the degradation of active material, anode structure is collapsing lithium-ion embedding and reduce the number of these embedded. Experiments indicate, higher ratio of discharge can cause capacity attenuation faster, if the discharge current is low, battery voltage will close to balance, can release more energy.

in theory, the ternary lithium battery life is 2000 times charging and discharging cycle, all as a filling a day, also can maintain more than 5 years. Normal manufacturer recommends using SOC window is 10% ~ 90%, and is not recommended to carry out deep charging and discharging, otherwise will cause irreversible damage to the battery is the cathode structure, if to shallow fill light to calculate, the cycle life of at least 1000 times. In addition, if often lithium-ion batteries to devolve electricity at high rate and high temperature environment, the battery life will significantly dropped to less than 200 times.

the ternary polymer batteries

1. Batteries have consistency

the ternary lithium polymer battery is a solid polymer electrolyte, rather than a liquid electrolyte, and other lithium battery are basically identical.

polymer electrolyte material is made from a mix of power law fluid different kinds of plastic film, in the main body of power law fluid in the polymers such as polyethylene oxide as solvent of does not move. The advantages of lithium polymer battery can be made into casual style and is relatively light, this is a given that it does not contain heavy metals and can't keep the electrolyte leakage plastic shell.

2。 Safe and practical

a metal aluminum material appearance package won't like lithium battery explosion accident operation

3. High battery storage space, and can be a long time to use the

idealized state of lithium polymer battery storage space is more than one thousand milliampere/h, and more safe and reliable. Solid electrolyte as a suspected glue sealing, in the process of charging is not so easy to just naturally collapse.

the ternary polymer lithium battery field

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