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Reasons for the explosion of polymer lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-01
In the 21st century, the battery industry has the highest technology content and the latest variety is polymer lithium ion batteries. The latest generation of rechargeable lithium battery pack with lithium cobalt oxide material as the positive electrode, carbon material as the negative electrode, solid or gel organic conductive film as the electrolyte, and aluminum-plastic film as the outer packaging. In summary, even though polymer lithium-ion batteries have so many advantages, the potential safety hazards of explosions in liquid lithium-ion batteries cannot be ignored. So why did the lithium battery pack explode? After the author's reference to various aspects of research, the reasons are as follows: 1. [Internal short circuit]: The biggest hidden danger of lithium-ion batteries is that lithium-ion batteries using lithium cobalt oxide are overcharged (even under normal charging and discharging, the low temperature is minus 20 Below), lithium ions accumulate on the negative electrode to form dendrites, pierce the separator and form an internal short circuit. 2. [Generate large current]: External short-circuit and internal short-circuit will generate excessive current of several hundred amperes. 3. [Gas generated by electrolysis]: Li-ion batteries must be decomposed in order to achieve a high working voltage of 3-4.2V for a single cell (the working voltage of nickel-hydrogen and nickel-metal batteries is 1.2V, and the working voltage of lead-acid batteries is 2V) The organic electrolyte with voltage greater than 2V, and the organic electrolyte will be electrolyzed under high current and high temperature conditions, and electrolysis will produce gas. 4. [Combustion and explosion]: The heat comes from high current, and at the same time under high voltage (more than 5V), the oxide of the positive electrode lithium will also undergo oxidation reaction, and metallic lithium will be precipitated, and the gas will cause the shell to rupture Under direct contact with air, it will cause combustion, and the electrolyte will ignite at the same time, a strong flame will occur, the gas will expand rapidly, and an explosion will occur. 5. [External effects]: For example, the temperature of acupuncture and impact increases, the gas expands rapidly, and an explosion occurs. u003c/pu003e
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