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Refers to the cylindrical lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-12-03

as we all know everybody know all know about the battery slightly, although the lithium battery is the batteries in the battery industry, lithium battery pack can be divided into many class: 18650 cylindrical lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries, ternary lithium battery pack. Cylindrical lithium-ion battery is one of the typical representative of lithium-ion batteries.

refers to the cylindrical lithium batteries?

cylindrical lithium-ion battery actually also can call 18650 lithium batteries. 18650 is the granddaddy of lithium-ion batteries, which is formulated by Japan's SONY company at that time in order to save the cost of a standard lithium battery model, we often mentioned 18650 battery actually it was named for the size of the battery model to lithium batteries, 18 of the 18650 refers to the diameter of the lithium battery is 18 mm, 65 represents the length value of 65 mm, 0 means belongs to a cylindrical battery, and use more in household batteries are generally 5 batteries, its model is 14500, the translation is 14 mm in diameter, length 50 mm cylindrical battery; In simple terms, 18650 is actually refers to the size of the battery model, according to the type of battery, common 18650 cells was also points for lithium ion batteries with lithium iron phosphate battery, currently on the market the former use more some

the results show that the ternary lithium battery has a large energy density, no memory, long service life, etc.

cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries

1. Monomer uniformity is better; Cylindrical lithium battery pack has established a series of international unified standard specifications and types, and the processing technology is mature and perfect, suitable large uninterrupted change in bulk production

2. Monomer itself material mechanics performance is good, large specific surface area of the cylinder, heat pipe cooling effect is very good, can get high bending strength;

3。 Technology mature and perfect, the cost is low. Battery metal case compressive strength is high, the whole operation process is not easy to produce the condition such as square, such as flexible packaging cells swell

4. Small single energy, multiple accident probability is small. Cause an accident, the form is easy to control, cylindrical battery is usually sealed battery, the whole process of operation will not have a maintenance problem

518650 rechargeable batteries have no memory, before the battery discharge not necessarily surplus electricity, more convenient application; Small internal resistance, irreversible damage small volume, can greatly reduce the power consumption of rechargeable battery itself, improve the battery life;

6。 18650 lithium batteries of higher safety coefficient, high safety coefficient, not easy to cause explosion explosion or environmental pollution. Test data show that the ternary lithium battery positive and negative poles apart, make the probability of fault for the most part down to the best state, polymer batteries of the ternary lithium battery protection board can be repaired, on the one hand, can prevent the rechargeable battery overcharge or power loss.

cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery weakness:

1. Cylindrical lithium-ion battery electric welding welding multipolar ear processing technology limited, therefore ratio characteristics is a bit weak, is not so outstanding ratio.

2。 Cylindrical battery Angle edge in organic chemistry, specific performance is poorer, long battery operation performance is relatively significant.

3。 With common battery intermiscibility is poor, this is because in the use of three common batteries (usually take 3. 6V) Under the condition of replaced can be carried out with lithium ion batteries.

18650 what is the purpose of the lithium battery?

18650 lithium battery in the world to be more perfect and stable, the market share is a leading technology, other lithium ion products in digital consumer electronics products, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and other areas of the small and medium-sized lithium battery won the widely used, and intelligent robot and AGV logistics vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and new energy vehicles, and other areas of the power lithium battery and digital class ( Smart phones, tablets, laptops, electric toy car, MP3 / MP4, headphones, cell phone charging treasure, rc planes, mobile charger, etc. ) Showed a strong development potential.

18650 lithium-ion battery performance function

a relatively balanced in terms of capacity and safety of materials, cobalt acid lithium cycle performance is better than normal, is only the nominal voltage 3 early due to technical reasons. 5 - 3. 6 v, limited in scope, as incremental improvements were made in the formulation and perfect structure, nominal voltage of battery has reached to 3. 7 v, on the capacity has reached or exceed cobalt acid lithium battery level.

cylindrical lithium-ion battery manufacturers

cylindrical lithium-ion battery manufacturer enterprise there are many kinds of the brand and model, price, of course, every manufacturer is not the same. Generally there is a difference. If want to know about cylindrical lithium-ion battery manufacturer also can view the stamp here. New battery product research and development project technology actually spend more manpower and resources. And most of the lithium battery manufacturer is to support customer consumer custom lithium-ion batteries, I found there is a high-end battery technology in shenzhen enterprise brand manufacturers. That is the shenzhen science and technology co. , LTD. , hereinafter referred to as EPT, was founded in 2001, shenzhen battery production base is in meizhou, specializing in the production of polymer lithium batteries, the production of nickel metal hydride batteries and battery industry, the industry leaders. Polymer battery and nickel metal hydride batteries can be customized a variety of styles. Classic cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are: 3. 7 v2000mah18650 scan code gun ternary lithium batteries, 3. 7 v2000mahpos machine 18650 ternary lithium batteries.

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