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Repair of Ni-MH batteries damaged due to prolonged storage

by:dcfpower     2021-03-11
After a FinePix s1770 camera was left for 8 months, the Ni-MH battery used in the camera could not be charged. Only one photo can be taken after several hours of charging, the screen will show that the battery is empty, and the camera will automatically turn off and cannot work. Analysis and maintenance: This machine uses 4 'Kevsen' brand 1.2V/2300mAH Ni-MH batteries to power the camera. The quality of the battery is relatively new. It has only been used for 10 months. There is still more than 2000mAH of electricity before failure. Under normal circumstances, a set of new nickel-hydrogen batteries has been used for more than two years. It is suspected that the battery should not be scrapped and damaged, so it was decided to repair. First, measure the electromotive force of each battery to be 1.23V. After discharging the battery with a current of 0.3A (about 1V), place the battery in a 'Delipu' charger for charging. The terminal voltage of each battery measured is 1.6V, and the charging current is 150mA. After 16 hours of charging, the measured line terminal voltage of each battery is 1.8V, and the charging ends. Remove the battery from the charger and leave it for 8 hours. After the voltage drops to 1.35V, it is loaded into the camera for trial shooting. 154 photos were taken. The battery was exhausted and the battery was turned off. It is almost the same as the 167 photos taken with sufficient power before the failure. The repair effect is good, and the repair method is for readers' reference. The original “GJT International Communication” charger adopts the automatic power-off method when the battery voltage is charged to 1.44V, the indicator light turns from red to green and the power is automatically cut off. Therefore, this charger is not suitable for repairing the battery pack. The reason for the battery is that soon after charging the battery, the red light turns to green and then the power is cut off. The Delipo charger uses a manual power-off method. After the charger charges the battery with a constant current of 180mA for 16 hours, it is manually powered off. It has nothing to do with how many volts the terminal voltage increases, so it is especially suitable for repairing Ni-MH batteries that have been left unused for a long time and damaged due to increased internal resistance. In this way, use the 'Delipu' charger to charge and discharge (photograph) the battery pack 3 to 5 times. After the internal resistance of the battery is reduced and all indicators return to normal values, you can switch to the random charger.

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