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Research on a high-speed automatic weighing and sorting machine for lithium battery pole pieces

by:dcfpower     2021-03-07
Abstract: With the development of society, lithium batteries have become an indispensable daily necessities in people's lives, and they are widely used in various fields. In terms of the sorting of lithium battery pole pieces, most lithium battery manufacturers use electronic balances to manually weigh and sort them. Manual weighing and sorting has disadvantages such as large workload, high labor cost, and low production efficiency. To better ensure the sorting accuracy, manual weighing and sorting can no longer meet the needs of manufacturers. For this reason, it is necessary for us to develop a high-speed weighing and sorting machine with high precision, convenient use, reliable work and high degree of automation. Keywords: pole piece sorting, automatic buoyancy weighing. The number of lithium battery production in my country is increasing, and its proportion in the international and domestic markets is gradually increasing. All this is in line with the improvement of the production process and production technology of my country's large-scale production of lithium batteries The gradual deepening has a close relationship. However, in terms of weighing and sorting lithium battery pack pole pieces, most lithium battery manufacturers use electronic balances to manually weigh and sort them. The workload is quite large, the production efficiency is reduced, and the sorting accuracy cannot be better guaranteed. Therefore, research on the weighing and sorting method of the positive and negative plates in the lithium battery pack manufacturing process, and exploring the weighing and sorting method with the characteristics of high precision, convenient use, reliable work and high degree of automation will improve the battery manufacturers The production efficiency has greatly increased the market share of manufacturers.  1. Research status of sorting machines at home and abroad  Foreign companies started early in the research of sorting machines, with leading technology and large market shares. Various sorting equipment are widely used in food processing, chemical, mineral and agricultural industries.   In the United States, ESM and Sortex are in a leading position in sorting machine research. They began to devote themselves to the research of sorting technology in the 1930s and 1940s, and have been carrying out technological innovations and keeping pace with the times.  In Japan, the leading companies in sorting machine research are mainly Anzai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Satake Company. Anzai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1966 and has developed rapidly. In 1970, it successfully developed Japan’s first electronic color sorting machine, which made a breakthrough in technology. This sorting machine has been widely used in China. More than ten years; at present, companies all over China have adopted various sorting machines developed by Anxi, and the total number has reached nearly 100 sets. Take Hubei Nanjinjian Rice Industry and China Blue Sky Co., Ltd. as examples. They are the two largest in China. The listed agricultural companies in China are currently using Anxi’s color sorting equipment; in April 2002, Anzai ushered in a new technological innovation and successfully developed AU, which is the world’s first dedicated to sorting viscous wheat Sorting machine: The sorting equipment produced by Satake Company is mainly used in the agricultural product processing industry. The linear CCD buoyancy load cell is used to identify the sorted materials. This buoyancy load cell has a higher resolution and can detect small diseases Variety of color particles, slightly yellow and impurities, etc., so that the performance of the sorting machine is much better than the traditional similar sorting machine.   In addition, companies mainly engaged in the research of sorting technology include the Buhler company in Switzerland and some grain and oil processing equipment companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. The sorting machine products of these companies are distributed all over the world and represent the world's advanced level. In terms of sorting machine research, domestic companies started late and the technology is backward. At present, there are fewer molded products. They mainly learn from foreign advanced technology and make improvements according to production needs. Therefore, most of the pole piece sorting systems developed are still at low-level Level, various performance indicators still need to be improved. For example, Hefei Anke Optoelectronics and Nuclear Industry Physical and Chemical Engineering Research Institute have independently developed sorting equipment. Although they have achieved the sorting function better, there is still a certain gap in various performance indicators compared with foreign sorting machines. In order to improve the sorting speed of the sorting machine, some automatic battery sorting equipment adopts matrix arrangement manipulators, multi-parallel manipulators, and multi-station and multi-tray simultaneous sorting measures, but the fastest speed can only reach 60-90 A/min, this is only an optimal theoretical speed. Due to the high cost of this equipment, it limits its industrialization in the battery industry.  Second, high-speed battery automatic sorting machine structure design   The key problem to improve the sorting speed of the sorting machine is to increase the number of manipulators. However, because the manipulator is expensive, the current manipulator sorting equipment is out of reach. We are designing the battery automatic sorting machine for the first time to use cheap suction cup electromagnets instead of manipulators, and realize a new type of automatic battery sorting machine with low manufacturing cost, fast sorting speed, stable and reliable performance, convenient and practical operation. The automatic battery sorting machine using suction cup is divided into battery sorting area, tray feeding area and battery collection area in structure. It is composed of 384 suction cup electromagnets (the price is equivalent to the cost of a manipulator). ×12 matrix, the position corresponds to each battery in the 4 battery turnover trays, thus forming a battery sorting area; 4 pre-sorted battery turnover trays are placed on the moving board of the tray feeding area under the sorting area , The cylinder pushes the moving plate to move the 4 battery turnover trays vertically up and down in the battery sorting area and the tray feeding area at the same time; there is a battery collecting area on one side of the battery sorting area, and a collecting tray can be in the battery collecting area and The battery sorting area makes horizontal movement.  
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