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Safety tips for charging and discharging lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-21

In the use of lithium batteries, it should be noted that after the battery is left for a period of time, it will enter the dormant state. At this time, the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the use time is also shortened. But the lithium battery is easy to activate, as long as the battery can be activated and restored to normal capacity after 3 to 5 normal charge and discharge cycles. Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it is determined that it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, the new lithium battery in the user's mobile phone does not require special methods and equipment during the activation process. Not only this is the case in theory, but for the 'activation' problem of lithium batteries, many claims are: the charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times in order to activate the battery. This statement of 'the first three charges should be charged for more than 12 hours' is obviously a continuation of the statement of nickel batteries (such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride). So this statement can be said to be misinformation at the beginning. The charge and discharge characteristics of lithium batteries and nickel batteries are very different. All serious official technical documents emphasize that overcharging and overdischarging can cause great damage to lithium batteries, especially liquid lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, it is best to charge according to the standard time and standard method, especially not to charge more than 12 hours.

In addition, the smart drone lithium battery charger will automatically stop charging after the battery is fully charged. There is no so-called nickel battery charger that lasts for more than 10 hours. Trickle charging. In other words, if the lithium battery is fully charged, it is also white charged on the charger. As mentioned earlier, lithium batteries are very delicate, and their ability to withstand fluctuations in charging and discharging is much worse than that of nickel batteries, so this brings additional dangers. In addition, another aspect that cannot be ignored is that lithium batteries are also not suitable for over-discharge, and over-discharge is also very detrimental to lithium batteries. This leads to the following question.

Charge according to the standard time and procedure, even the first three times; when the phone battery is too low, you should try to start charging as soon as possible; the activation of the lithium battery does not require special methods. The lithium battery pack will be naturally activated during normal use of the mobile phone.

In fact, the battery does not have too much attention to use. In other words, it is not very useful to take into account. How many times a battery can be used, the difference is more from the individual differences in the manufacture of the battery, rather than the method of use. In addition to its own battery quality, the battery's own service life is limited. Once the battery is off the production line, its life will begin to elapse. Regardless of whether you use it or not, the service life of lithium batteries is only two to three years. One of the important reasons for the decrease in battery capacity is the increase in internal resistance caused by oxidation. Finally, the resistance of the electrolyzer will reach a certain point. Although the battery is fully charged at this time, the battery cannot release the stored power. Many people think that lithium batteries should be charged for more than 16 hours when they are used for the first time, so that they can fully activate the battery. In fact, there is no basis for doing so. This is just the popular method of charging nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium batteries. For lithium-ion batteries Not applicable. Because this kind of lithium polymer-based battery does not theoretically have a memory effect, even if it does, it is completely negligible. So it only takes about 3 hours to charge. If it shows that the charging has been completed and the external power supply is not needed for the time being, then you can unplug the power supply without waiting such a long time.

In fact, battery maintenance has always been a hot topic for notebook computer users, but in fact there are many misunderstandings. In the final analysis, it comes from two aspects. One is that 'the thinking has not kept up with the nickel-metal hydride battery and the lithium battery. The other one is even more funny. It comes from mobile phones, because mobile phones are actually the first devices most users come into contact with that use rechargeable batteries.

charge and discharge

Frequent deep charge and discharge: has almost no memory, many people use it When it comes to lithium batteries or lithium-ion digital products, I like to use up to no surplus (protected by the protective plate) and then recharge it. In the eyes of many people, this is also a way of activating the battery. In the use of lithium batteries, the state of recharging after running out of power is called deep charging and discharging.

Actually, deep charging and discharging is a major misunderstanding of many people when using lithium batteries. Scientists have concluded through experiments that the number of deep charging and discharging under other environmental conditions is constant and the battery life is a significant factor. Proportionally, multiple charge and discharge will lead to the premature end of battery life. Lithium batteries with a long service life can easily cause battery swelling and other situations, which can cause an explosion.

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