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Shenzhen 3. 7 v lithium-ion battery performance parameters of the basic features

by:dcfpower     2020-11-23

shenzhen 3. 7 v cylindrical lithium-ion battery performance parameters of the in-depth analysis of information content includes several projects: working voltage, capacity, cycle life, size, etc. At the present stage common cylindrical lithium-ion battery models 18650, 18500, 16340, 14500, 14430, 10440, etc. HONGWELL lithium battery model is in accordance with the specifications of the battery name, well then we went on to detail below the belt well know about the 3. 7 v lithium battery pack performance parameters of the basic features.

3。 7 v lithium battery cathode material in 4 working system: cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium, ternary material, lithium iron phosphate 4 working system, but the lithium iron phosphate, and three kinds of material in effect can replace each other. Is extremely cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium, ternary lithium battery nominal voltage is 3. 7 v, and lithium iron phosphate battery voltage is 3. 2V。 Working voltage is one of the crucial parameters, to master the basic knowledge of lithium battery voltage, we to the lithium battery charging and discharging and shelve protection has the vital role. Each kind of working system of lithium battery has advantages and disadvantages of each other, a variety of products used in different fields, such as temperature specified requirements, the service life of the specified requirements, such as discharge rate specified requirements. According to the regulations of the different requirements to choose appropriate lithium battery.

lithium battery voltage parameters are as follows:

1, the above said to the lithium battery is extremely cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium, ternary lithium battery nominal voltage is 3. 7 v, this is like three working voltage, the sum of series and parallel nimh batteries also have some domestic battery manufacturers to design the lithium battery voltage is 3. 6 v, 3. 6 v and 3. The vast majority of almost 7 v.

2, charging voltage: refers to the lithium battery when charging, external power plus work on both ends of the battery voltage. The basic ways of charging has permanently charging current and constant voltage charging. Usually adopts constant current charging, and its features in the process of charging charging current constant doesn't change. Due to the charge, active substances was back to normal, the electrode reaction area continuous shrinking, polarization of electrode gradually increased. The highest limit for lithium battery voltage to 4. 2 v, more than 4. 2 v, is defined as excessive charging, the structure of lithium battery pole piece structure cause damage, such damage is inevitable, it serious influence the lithium battery service life.

3, terminate the working voltage: the lowest operating voltage of lithium battery discharge is 2. 75 v, lower than 2. Working voltage 75 v, we called the excessive discharge lithium battery factory will normally with a protection circuit board, to prevent the lithium battery charging or discharging.

we for secondary lithium batteries, use circulation service life is an important measure of battery performance good or bad. After a charging and discharging lithium battery ( Is it finished) , is called a cycle ( Or have the loop) 。 Under the certain working system of the charge and discharge, battery capacity do a standard battery can withstand before cycle count is called secondary battery life cycle. Storage performance of lithium ion batteries with high quality and long cycle life.

the advantages of lithium battery

1. Lighter weight, the space becomes larger

monomer of high specific energy, and at the same energy needed for the battery monomer can reduce the number of a third, at the same time greatly reduce system management

the difficulty will also reduce the battery using the number of metal structure and electrical accessories, and to further strengthen to significantly reduce the weight of the lithium battery. , the vehicle than energy will get some improvement.

2。 With better price

lithium battery, battery section number will drastically reduced. In greatly decrease the difficulty of system management, meanwhile reduces with the proportion of the battery Pack to choose the number of fittings such as metal structure and electrical fittings, tesla's Pack project costs accounted for 24% of the total project cost is expected to drop in battery Pack project cost is relatively optimistic.

3。 Significantly enhance battery than energy

2020 power battery monomer ratio energy to conquer three hundred watts per hour/kg, power battery system than the energy of two hundred and sixty watts per hour/kg. Now do best 18650 battery can not reach the technical requirements, the vast majority of domestic battery relative density are between one hundred ~ one hundred and fifty watts per hour/kg.

above all: 3. 7 v lithium-ion battery performance parameter analysis, different system of lithium battery is suitable for different application fields, choosing the appropriate lithium battery pack can play to the best of lithium battery performance output, of course! A battery or battery order demand of choose and buy can contact us, click on the top right, green box.

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