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Soft bag packaging format lithium-ion batteries method, battery packaging format

by:dcfpower     2020-10-03

soft package lithium-ion polymer battery, in fact, is to make full use of the batteries of aluminum-plastic packaging film as raw materials for the outer packing. It is worth mentioning that the lithium battery pack packaging form is divided into the two, in the soft bag is one of batteries, the other is a iron shell batteries. Soft package battery break deformation can occur easily with the hand, iron shell battery hard some hand squeezing deformation will not occur. Well today we are critical about the following soft bag packaging format lithium-ion batteries method, battery packaging format.

in the process of production and manufacturing, technical engineers often use six aspects to analyze the method of man-machine material ring test doesn't work. First of all, we have to rule out the influence of the secondary factors, the influence factors of secondary have personnel, environment and measuring method. Actual operation level of the staff work experience and effect have a certain impact on the packaging form, we set the actual operating level of the staff here are certain and there is no problem. Measurement method is certain, tests for the packaging form effect is self-evident, without the need for abnormal situation analysis. Packaging form before the need to develop the and confirmation on the workshop environment, including the environmental temperature and humidity of dirt and debris on the desktop and so on, sure no problem rear can carry out work, also don't separate debate here. Below will parse the key factors affecting the heat sealing effects, namely, materials, equipment and processes.

1。 Soft package material packaging format lithium-ion batteries

incoming inspection report is one of the important methods to prevent abnormal situation into, and greatly reduce nonconforming rate, reduce the cost of production of the important means. Form of encapsulation process for the incoming inspection report is mainly two aspects: one is aluminum membrane itself, the second is naked batteries incoming inspection report. Aluminum-plastic film itself anomaly point including aluminum-plastic film itself own scour and the introduction of anomalies. Aluminum-plastic film itself to observe its color is normal, exterior surface have small bubbles, stain, scratch, etc. Lu: su other performance will be provided by the supplier of the film itself corresponding to the test data, such as aluminum foil layer and PP tensile strength, production and processing performance, infiltration resistance, and so on. enterprises will also to carry out the corresponding inspection of incoming material inspection report to confirm. Aluminum-plastic film hole is to encapsulate the fine, the appearance, form hole is introduced by the bad key have abnormalities in CPP damaged, pits, etc. , these abnormal conditions will lead to the lithium battery pack injection liquid aluminum composite membrane, edge stress corrosion, etc. Scour hole quality is key to the design of the grinding tool, scouring pit abrasive key has a concave die, punch and clamp and other auxiliary devices, need according to the shape of the cell size of length, width and depth of the mould design. According to scour depth design of concave and convex die clearance, according to the aluminum-plastic film production and processing characteristics design of concave and convex die surface roughness. Naked batteries incoming inspection report on the key problems is a surface is pollution, may cause bad packaging format.

2。 Soft package of lithium battery packaging machine

machinery mold design, product structure design for encapsulation effect is undoubtedly important. At the top sealing process, mainly because of anode ear is widespread, aluminum-plastic film and extremely widespread bumpy contact area between ear glue, to ensure that both for plastic film PP layer and an ear the outer PP adhesion, sealing is good, and to ensure that the ear area across the aluminum-plastic film PP level of adhesive and good sealing. Machinery packaging stamping die design and selection of head is relatively important, when choosing hard sealing can choose on hard sealing head increase the silica gel, with silica gel deformation to compensate for the lack of top sealing, can also be in hard seal die for stamping die design, dig a groove with a matching ear encapsulate. Choose soft seal when you don't need to consider so much, only need to pay attention to the soft seal encapsulation process, inspection package sealing, and high temperature resistant adhesive with old problem. Encapsulation thickness is too big or too small are not conducive to aluminum-plastic film packaging, excessive thickness is essentially aluminum-plastic film without good packaging, in terms of machinery and equipment is likely to be mainly because of abnormal low pressure or sensor, compressed air pressure is not stable. Encapsulation thickness is too small, it represents a closed is likely to cause PP melt layer, exposed aluminum layer. On the machine can be equipped with corresponding limit device to achieve the best packaging effect. Besides in abnormal temperature sensor can also cause a short set of process temperature and cause a seal or owe seal, caused by bad packaging.

3。 Soft package of lithium battery encapsulation process

according to visual inspection, the overall design according to the test after vacuum sealing. Insulation test is on the ear and aluminum-plastic film flash, to test whether good encapsulation, just check out the bad product in advance, prevent bad product outflow.

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