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Soft package of lithium battery and iron shell which good, iron shell lithium battery manufacturer which is good

by:dcfpower     2020-11-23

soft package of polymer lithium battery, in fact is the flexible use of the batteries of aluminum-plastic packaging film as packing material. It is worth mentioning that the lithium battery packaging is divided into the two, in the soft bag is one of batteries, the other is a iron shell batteries. Soft package battery break deformation can occur easily with the hand, iron shell battery hard squeezing deformation, also won't happen some hand fact feng shell lithium ion battery, low specific energy safety performance relatively mild package lithium battery safety performance actually is less, but we are in the process of using a little attention to the natural is not an accident, so today we take a look at the soft package lithium-ion batteries and iron shell which good, iron shell lithium battery manufacturer which is good.

what is the shell of lithium iron batteries

lithium batteries with lithium metal as a energy storage battery electrodes, high specific energy, early into disposable batteries and rechargeable lithium battery, civil market there are still quite many people use iron shell of lithium battery pack, the specific capacity and soft package lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are in fact using lithium ion concentration difference in energy storage and discharge, there is no metallic lithium batteries.

what is a soft package lithium battery pack

soft package of polymer lithium battery, in fact is divided into soft package of lithium battery and lithium polymer batteries, lithium polymer batteries, is the difference between them in the end is colloid electrolyte, margin feels hard to the touch; Soft bag somewhere in the lithium battery is a liquid electrolyte, cell edge soft to the touch, in fact soft package lithium battery is because production technology of polymer lithium battery so far not mature weigh the pros and cons of invention. Considering the relatively low cost, flexible use and the basic conditions and stable performance, has so far occupied a large part of the 3 c digital battery industry market.

new upgrade a batch of polymer lithium ion battery in shape can achieve thin shape ( ATL battery ultra-thin can reach 0. 5 mm ( mm) Its thickness), phase in a credit card , a certain area and random shape, greatly enhance the operating flexibility of battery product modeling design, which can match the product demand, made into any shape and volume of the battery, on power supply solution for application of machinery, equipment service provider provides a high level of design operation flexibility and adaptability, to maximize to optimize its product performance indicators. At the same time, polymer lithium ion battery enterprises energy than conventional lithium ion battery enhanced five hundred percent, its volume, charge and discharge characteristics, category of safety factor, environment temperature, cycle life, More than 500 times) And environmental performance indicators are in such aspects as the amplitude of the lithium ion battery has great enhancement.

lithium battery characteristics and difference of soft package and iron shell:

soft package of lithium battery pack: soft package liquid lithium battery is lithium battery pack on a layer of polymer shell. In structure using aluminum-plastic film packaging, in the case of safety accident hidden danger most soft package battery will only gills craze.

soft package lithium battery pack structure features:

soft package of the key materials used for the lithium battery & ndash; The positive material, negative material and diaphragm & ndash; With the traditional distinction between aluminum shell, aluminum shell lithium battery is not big, the biggest difference is in the flexible packaging material ( Lu: su composite membrane) , this is the most critical in soft package lithium batteries, the most technically complicated materials.

soft package advantages of lithium battery:

1. Using a wide range is also more than application industry

a wide scope of application, now in the industry of 3 c digital flexible use of unusually hot

2. Good flexibility, small size

from soft package polymer lithium battery inside appearance, soft package variable Ren He a shape, for motor vehicles, battery assembly soft package, can increase the space of motor vehicles, meanwhile soft package battery assembly position is not affected by the structure of the motor vehicle types of

3. Small occupation space high flexibility and matching

is very thin, small floor space, soft package for battery can do battery is thinner and soft package battery operating flexibility and matching on the whole is relatively high, for the auto enterprises in such aspects as design concept has a lot of temptation.

4。 Good safety performance is good, prevent fire will not easily

high safety coefficient, soft package cell structure type choose aluminum-plastic film packaging, packaging aluminum membrane's biggest competitive advantage is have certain soft soft, when the battery safety performance problems, soft package battery ordinary gills craze, somewhere in the liquid leaked out, and won't cause gas emissions do not go out, in turn, cause an explosion fire generates

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