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Solar street lamps lithium battery and lead acid batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-04

the use of clean energy, solar street lamps use panels convert solar energy into light energy, lighting service. Has widely used in urban and rural areas in China. And is not only a street lamp, garden lamp, solar power generation. Solar street lamps lithium battery pack energy storage of solar panels, can be lighting up in the night.

it is well known that the lithium battery is widely used in today's society, is an advanced battery types. Solar energy lamp used mainly by the lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries energy storage battery. The energy saving, clean solar energy lamp, whether or not to use is the lithium iron phosphate batteries?

in fact, in use at the same time, there are lead-acid batteries. Compared with lithium iron phosphate battery, it has the disadvantage of:

1, the energy density of small

48 v12ah, is also a lead-acid battery only 33 wh, lithium battery and solar street lamp of up to 125 wh

2, the service life of the

lead-acid battery in circular 300 60% capacity, and lithium iron phosphate batteries in loop 1500 times when there are still 80% capacity

3, not environmental protection

lead-acid battery can produce pollution, and lithium battery pack is recognized environmental protection batteries.

since there are so many shortcomings, why lead-acid batteries are still widely used in a lot? Mainly because it is mature product, the price is cheap, easy maintenance. So it is still the mainstream.

but as the limitation of national industrial policy, market share is dropping. Solar energy lamp lithium battery market share, is gradually rise, broad prospects.

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