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Solar street lamps lithium battery production process

by:dcfpower     2020-11-23

in the solar street light is our country road in urban areas can see everyday, can be said to be visible with our daily life is closely linked. But you know the street lamp lithium battery pack inside the solar street lamps? To understand how this lithium battery pack is in need of a production process? That I don't know we together and see it.

solar street lamps to the preparation of lithium battery pack production

1, high conversion efficiency, high quality high quality solar cell;

2, high quality high quality raw materials, such as: high crosslinking degree of the Eva plastic, high compressive strength of adhesive agent packaging format ( Neutral silicone resin glue) High light transmittance, high toughness of tempered laminated glass, etc.

3, scientific and rational form of encapsulation process

4, the worker is careful and meticulous work attitude;

considering solar cell belongs to high-tech new products, and some key problems in the manufacturing process, some not perfect rhythm problems such as should wear gloves and not wear, shall be uniform coating reagent and scribbled over are affecting the quality of products such as enemy, so in addition to make scientific and reasonable production process, it is very important to the worker's serious and careful and meticulous.

solar street lamp lithium battery production process

1, the battery test

considering the arbitrariness of solar cells, making conditions, production out of battery performance is not the same, a battery test using test battery output parameters ( Current and voltage) The size of the classification. To improve the utilization rate of the battery and make the quality qualified battery components.

2, positive welding

is take bus welded to the battery positive ( Cathode) The main gate line, bus for tin plating copper strip, we use the welding machine welding can be in the form of multipoint spot welding in the main grid line. The two are panel is connected correctly.

3, reverse connect

opposite welding is connect 36 pieces of batteries in series with a piece of a component, all of us at this stage the process is manual type, battery positioning is important on a film plate, there are 36 placed solar cell chip groove, groove corresponding to the size of the battery, the size of the slot position has good design, different specifications of the components using different templates, the operator will use the electric soldering iron and solder wire in front of the battery positive electrode ( Cathode) The opposite of welding to behind the battery electrode ( The anode) , so in turn 36 pieces connected across the electrodes and the component on a list of welding wire.

4, pressure layer laying

reverse connect well and after inspection, the component list, safety glass and cut Eva plastic, glass fiber, according to certain level, laying on the back plate pressure layer are prepared ahead of time. Safety glass coating a layer of reagent (in advance primer) With new safety glass and Eva plastic compressive strength of adhesive. When laying battery string with safety glass materials such as the relative position, adjust the distance between the battery and provided a basis for pressure layer. ( Laying levels: from the bottom up: safety glass, Eva plastic, batteries, Eva plastic, glass fiber, back panel) 。

5, component layer: the pressure will be laying good batteries placed in laminating machine, using vacuum the air within the components, and then heating to make Eva plastic melt the battery, the safety glass and back plate bonding in a; Out the final cooling components. Laminating process is a key step in the component production, laminating temperature laminating time according to the properties of the EVA decision. We use fast curing EVA, laminating cycle time is about 25 minutes. Curing temperature is 150 ℃.

6, trimming:

when laminated EVA melt after extending outward due to pressure curing formation of burrs, so laminated should be cut.

7, frame:

like to install a glass picture frames; To install aluminum frame glass component, the strength of the new components, further sealed battery components, extend the service life of the battery. Frame and glass components gap filled with silicone resin. Use the horn button connection between each frame.

8, welding junction box:

lead in welding a box on the back of the components, to facilitate the battery or the connection between the battery and other equipment.

9, high-pressure test:

high pressure testing refers to the component frame and between the electrode lead a certain voltage, the test component of the pressure resistance and dielectric strength, to ensure that components in harsh natural conditions ( Lightning, etc. ) Is not damaged.

10, component testing:

test for the output power of the battery is the purpose of the calibration and test its output characteristics, determine the quality level of components.

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