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Square lithium-ion batteries, what is the square lithium batteries the advantages and disadvantages of soft package

by:dcfpower     2020-10-06

what is the square lithium battery pack

square shell lithium battery pack shell for aluminium alloy profile commonly, 304 stainless steel and other raw materials, choose in embedded technology in coiling, or folding chip technology, protection of batteries, far more than in aluminum-plastic film battery ( The soft package battery) , batteries, safety performance compared with the cylindrical lithium battery has a relatively large improvement. Square lithium iron phosphate battery pack is generally refers to the aluminum or steel square battery shell, square cell coverage is very high in our country, along with car power lithium battery in recent years, universal access, car driving force and the battery difference is gradually expanding, most Chinese power lithium battery pack manufacturers choose high energy density of aluminum square battery is dominant role.

square structure characteristics of the lithium battery pack:

the primary structural components include: machine cover, a hood and a positive plate and negative plate, diaphragm of laminated or winding, insulation, safety components. Square first choose aluminum shell lithium-ion batteries, selects high stainless steel plate as a block, and is equipped with explosion-proof valve accessories, such as so overall light fittings, safe and reliable, compared with high energy. Square lithium battery pack can customize according to the specifications of the goods to carry out the production processing and manufacturing, so the sales market has a variety of specifications, but, because of the large size model can't uniform standard processing technology; Production and technology of manufacturing automation level is not high, the single difference is very big, in the use of scale of operation, has the service life of a software system is far less than the single life.

square advantages of lithium battery pack:

square lithium battery packaging high safety reliability; Energy efficient system; Compared with relatively light in weight, high power density. Simple, easy expansion, is based on a single volume increase than energy is crucial to choose.

square lithium battery pack drawback:

disadvantage is: battery pack had decided good shape, not so easy to change shape, want HuanXing relatively difficult

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