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Storage and maintenance of UPS batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-02
UPS batteries are also called uninterruptible power supply batteries. This is because in the event of a sudden power failure, this power can quickly switch to the 'inverter' state, so that people who are using the computer will not lose important files due to the sudden power failure. One characteristic also makes UPS batteries highly respected and loved by people. When storing, they should be stored within a certain appropriate temperature range, that is, no more than 40 degrees above zero, and no less than twenty degrees below zero, if it exceeds This range will cause the battery to be damaged due to high temperature or low temperature. The storage of the battery must be carried out in a fully charged state, but due to long-term storage or transportation, the battery will self-discharge. This is the battery memory content Therefore, it should be recharged before use to ensure the power supply. When storing, pay attention to the impact of the external environment on the battery to prevent damage. Always pay attention to the dry and ventilated external environment. If the battery packaging is accidentally exposed to water If the battery is wet, the package should be removed in time to check whether the battery is immersed in water, and replace with a dry and complete package, so as to avoid damage to the battery after a short circuit due to the water connection or even a safety accident. There are also several points when maintaining this battery daily Need to remember. First of all, when checking the battery condition regularly, if you find dust and other pollution, do not use wet wipes for cleaning. The correct way is to clean with organic solvents such as gasoline or banana water, and avoid using it. The chemical fiber cloth prevents the fiber material from entering the battery and causing a short circuit. When charging, if the indication value of the voltmeter deviates from the reference value, the battery should be checked and repaired in time. UPS battery/UPS lithium battery pack: /battery/UPS /u003c/pu003e
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