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Tattu fpv racing series, a battery specially customized for passing players

by:dcfpower     2021-03-29

The new TATTU FPV battery series launched by Geshi ACE, in addition to adhering to Geshi's excellent quality genes, this series of products have the characteristics of high explosive power specifically tailored for crossovers, and the C number is very high. At the same time, according to the actual needs of the pilots, Grignard has launched a variety of capacity and rate models including 1300mah/1550mah/1800mah and other special racing batteries, just to allow every pilot to fly to new heights!

To sum up, Tattu fpv battery has the following four characteristics:

1. Special for FPV advanced events

Competition-level quality, essential for advanced racing competitions

2. Ultra-high C-number, violent discharge

Continuous large current output, strong power , Ultra-violent discharge

3. Superb cell technology, high safety

High-end cell technology, battery safety and stability , Easy to control

4. Light weight, no load-bearing feeling

Light weight, no load-bearing pressure on the traversing machine, easy to take off and land

Excellent quality can stand the comparison, Tattu fpv series is committed to making the most core-moving racing special battery, as the power source of the traversing machine, sincerely hope that every pilot can fly to new heights!

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