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TATTU FPV traversing machine assembly accessories

by:dcfpower     2021-03-29

For every friend who yearns for random control of FPV drones but has no way of starting, no matter whether the first traversing machine you buy is RTF or self-assembled, the structure of the traversing machine must be understood.

A traversing machine is divided into the following parts:

Rack: The frame of the aircraft.

4 motors: commonly known as motors, used to drive the propeller to rotate.

4 ESCs: the full name is electronic speed governor, and the English abbreviation is ESC. It is used to adjust the current and supply power to the motor.

Four propellers: rotation produces pulling force to drive the plane to fly.

Flight control: the full name of the flight controller, the brain of the aircraft, controls various flight attitudes.

Lithium battery: powers the aircraft.

Remote control and receiver: Responsible for conveying your control instructions to the aircraft.

With the above parts, you have been able to get the plane to take off and do some simple flight training. However, if you want to truly experience the fun of the traversing machine, you also need the support of the following components.

fpv camera and image transmission: Transmit the first-view image seen on the plane.

FPV glasses or screen: output the image seen on the plane, allowing you to experience the fun of first-person flying.

Antenna: used to amplify the image transmission signal.

With the above components, even if you can really walk into the world of the traversing machine, of course, if you want to share your flight video with friends, a high-definition sports camera is not Optional.

Assembly, debugging and practice

Most novices will keep staggering in this area. They will encounter all kinds of problems when installing, and they will continue to fried chicken during practice. There are very few high-quality teaching in China, but in order to become a top pilot, in addition to talent, one's usual practice must also be assiduous.

Safety issues

There are a few taboos when playing with the traversing machine.

The first is never to fly in crowded places, and carrying the traversing machine X It's okay, but don't fly, the consequences will be serious.

The second is to adjust the image transmission signal before flying to make sure it is not occupied by other drones.

Before the third flight traversing machine, you must buy a mini four-axis hand training, otherwise it will be very dangerous. In addition, it is also recommended that friends practice with the simulator during the practice process. All kinds of new movements can be practiced on the simulator and then tried on the real machine.

The traversing machine is not a children's toy. Random operation will cause serious consequences. However, if you follow the steps and practice diligently, you will see a different world.

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