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Tattu R-Line 1300 mAh 95C battery test

by:dcfpower     2021-03-25

I finally got the Grignard battery, now let’s talk about this-Tattu R-Line 1300 mAh 95C. The battery packaging is a yellow reflective design, and you will see a sticker on it that provides information about the battery. Grignard’s batteries again use transparent shrink packaging so that the individual cells inside the battery can be seen. The battery body in the box is packed with foam to ensure that it will not be affected by bumps during transportation.

Technical design

The Tattu-R Line package is a standard 4S1P configuration flight package for high-power applications. R-Line is developed for drone racing competitions. Currently there is only version 1.0 on the market. It seems that Grignard Ace plans to release more versions of R-Line to meet the needs of as many pilots as possible. The latest version is rated up to 95 C. We will see later.

Quality: From the packaging to the appearance, there is a sense of texture and overall satisfaction.

Plug: Tattu is equipped with a standard XT60 connector.

Cable: Equipped with 7 cm 12 AWG wire. (AWG refers to a standard that distinguishes wire diameters, also known as Brown Sharpe wire gauge.) The high-flexible silicon layer has a rated temperature of up to 200°C.

Balance plug: The balance wire is very short (4 cm), so it is beneficial to remove it from the support area on the plane.

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Battery Co., Ltd.

Product name: Tattu R-Line 95 C

Electrolyte: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)

Type: Tattu R-Line

Cell count: 4S1P

Capacity: 1300 mA

Maximum discharge current: 123.5 A Continuous pulse: 247 A.

Weight (without plug): about 167 grams

Measure the listed measured values: 30 x 35 x 76 mm, 30 x 35 x 71 mm.

Technical details

The battery follows a standard interruption process: the battery pack is charged at a rate of 1C until the end of the charge, and the current is 1/10C. The running-in phase includes four charging cycles at 1C and four corresponding discharges at 1C/4C/10C and 20C.

Charging process

CV-Phase is very short on this battery type. It takes 1:06 minutes to balance in normal mode. The battery flickers during charging is inconspicuous. This is 1C charging (1,3 A).

Load test: This battery test will mainly include different load test settings that show battery performance. The constant load test is used to determine the advertised C-level and to check the battery drift under high load. We will check the internal resistance again. Next is the dynamic current test, which simulates a 'real' flight with varying (dynamic) loads.

Constant load test: Constant load test follows specific load patterns with different constant currents. The base load is 10°C. The current pulses at 50°C, 35°C, 20°C and 30°C are maintained for a time interval of 10 to 20 seconds.

Capacity usage

During this test, the battery pack output 944 mAh. This is 72.6% of the nominal capacity. Average battery voltage The following table lists the average voltage of each battery, the average voltage of the total battery pack, and the average value of each battery as a fraction of the total voltage during the effective load phase.

1, 3.779V

2, 3.773V

3, 3.779V

4, 3.777V

Total: 15.106V

Average value per battery: 3.77V

only Looking at the average, Tattu performed well. All batteries above average 3.7 or average above 3,74 V can be considered very good.

Focus voltage

It is very interesting to test the battery under constant load for a long time: each battery will reach the lowest voltage before disabling the load pulse. Most importantly, you should look at the voltage recovery rate, that is: how fast the battery voltage will rise again once the load pulse is cut off.

The voltage drop of the Tattu R-Line 1300 mAh battery pack is very low. In the first two load cycles, no battery has a battery voltage lower than 3.5 V.

The voltage of the new R-Line 1300 mAh 80 C battery recovers quickly.


Use four current pulses for IR measurement. Calculate the resistance of each battery in all four discharge phases. Due to the different discharge states during the measurement, the values u200bu200bshown are averaged to offset the different temperature points.

Explanation: The average internal resistance of each battery is 2.25mΩ, indicating that the 'real' C-level is 45 C (58.9 A). During the main discharge phase, the battery drift of the new Tattu R-Line 95 C group is very low. Battery 2 was weaker at the end of the discharge cycle and made a slight difference at the end of the test. The maximum temperature. The temperature during discharge is about 54.7°C at the top of the package. Note that even if the load is cut off, the heating of the pressurized LiPo bag will continue for a while.

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