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Ternary lithium battery pack order process

by:dcfpower     2020-11-03

no matter how you want to customize the lithium battery, such as ternary polymer lithium batteries, lithium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries or 18650 is inseparable from the basic parameters of the battery. So when we need to customize the polymer lithium battery customers need to give basic parameter of the polymer lithium battery, with the more detailed, the actual specifications of products out of the battery is more conform to the actual demand, and more conducive to the lithium polymer battery pack price accounting. Here is a look at some polymer lithium battery order process.

polymer lithium battery order process actual situation summary:

battery custom is to follow the actual number of product demand to customize, battery order process is mainly to specific analysis combined with the actual situation in detail earnestly, after follow company process for feasibility analysis, the cost of custom battery demand quantity for the overall quotation, from the start, the customer needs to give to our data is:

the first: the number of actual demand to master their own home products, and is given of the specifications of the products needed in the lithium battery size shape and size of charging voltage, output current requirements, use the environmental temperature, etc can be customized battery.

the second: to master the actual demand for products, batteries to power requirements, running time, the specific energy power to fulfill the requirements of the density of it is ok to tell us.

this is supply reference articles, you need to buy batteries know the above information is enough, really have needs you can contact our professional and technical personnel, our battery technology project engineer will communication with you as soon as possible, until the battery itself to meet your demand.

polymer lithium battery custom delivery time:

the first: we are professional battery technology project engineer in check good product to you after work, will be according to the material arrival situation, actual production conditions, reasonable arrangement of workers for production line production line personnel, will give delivery time as soon as possible.

the second: no accident words lithium battery custom way: within two hours, one day will give battery solution, submit the order within seven days can produce the sample, one pace reachs the designated position that call a fast.

polymer lithium battery pack pack custom contract description:

1, the two sides all under normal conditions to check the battery after order delivery time accurate, need to sign a contract, the demand for battery is 30% ~ 50% deposit in advance, after the battery manufacturers do check for each other, pay the balance after checking OK, then the factory for the delivery.

2, if the buyer need to cell number is more, the two sides can be in accordance with the actual situation to discuss whether to have account period, the actual need to both sides after overall evaluation report, will be subject to the contract, it is best not to promise oral agreement.

3, customized lithium battery recommended plus quality agreement of contract, warranty time range, after-sales maintenance service center time range, etc.

polymer lithium battery pack pack order acceptance tip:

1, the demand of the market after the battery need to first check for battery is in accordance with the contract requirements, if do not conform to the requirements of the phenomenon can be manufacturer to return or exchange.

2, the demand of the market for battery battery error is found, after can find lithium battery pack manufacturer to return and exchange according to the contract, if such negotiations fail, he can appeal to the local procuratorate.

the custom-made polymer lithium battery process, specific to the mutual agreement or detailed contract shall prevail. Thank you very much!

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