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Ternary polymer lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery which is better

by:dcfpower     2020-10-12

the current terms of business on the market is the most used ternary polymer lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate batteries this two big kinds, don't be battery professional degree is not high production of lithium battery manufacturers many, basic it is I don't know which one is the two batteries is good, so today we'll look at three yuan polymer lithium battery pack and lithium iron phosphate battery which is ok.

ternary polymer lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery comparison which good

although belong to lithium batteries, but the difference between the two characteristics of the lithium battery pack is larger: the ternary lithium battery voltage is high, the energy than big, but very easy to fire, so the present stage long distance bus also does not allow to use; Lithium iron phosphate battery voltage is low, the energy ratio is generally, but stable performance is good, use safety, therefore regardless of long distance bus or AGV car basic it is permitted to use; At the same time the lithium batteries we have our own patents, many manufacturers in mainland China can produce, the price also is relatively low. Can be used according to their own need to decide what kind of lithium battery.

between similar, actually only two trends, and there is no comparable, and is not much difference, the performance of polymer lithium iron phosphate battery, of course, it is better, between us, than the ordinary lithium ion battery smaller and more durable and more secure. I buy a mobile power supply I suggest you, of course, it's good to buy the ternary polymer lithium battery! Relatively safer and durable

1. Phosphate lithium battery recycling system life is longer than the ternary lithium battery recycling system frequency

number of lithium iron phosphate battery recycling system for routine can be done 3500 times before slowly loss, that is will be able to use to 8 years. Number of ternary lithium battery for conventional battery recycling system is only for two thousand times, it represents life only can do 6 years, who have said you can understand the long service life.

2。 Lithium iron phosphate batteries safer

the extent of the lithium iron phosphate battery in the temperature control temperature can do more than five baidu, and the ternary lithium battery temperature below three baidu when out of control, it is easy to cause potential safety hazard.

3。 Lithium iron phosphate battery production of low cost, low cost of materials of lithium iron phosphate batteries and no precious metal, so the product cost is low, looking back the ternary lithium battery is used for cobalt metal is very expensive, buy a piece of ternary lithium battery is equivalent to the two pieces of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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