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The 12 v lithium battery charging, the 12 v battery charging current

by:dcfpower     2020-12-11

in fact to the accumulator is engine, generator, engine running and then the generator for the car battery charging circuit. Motor vehicles with engine generator is running time and with the help of a belt of rotation to generate electricity generator, the rest of the electricity will be preserved in battery. When not running engine in daily life, people in the car is the use of the many electricity facilities, such as the temporary use of audio equipment, lighting, anti-theft alarm uninterrupted power supply, and so on system basically is to rely on batteries. But is not suitable for too long, will run out of battery power, would have a problem to the engine to run again, also can't undertake the cycle of power supply. That today we look at the 12 v battery charging, the 12 v battery charging current.

what is the battery

battery and called the accumulator, is a convert chemical energy to electrical energy facilities. Efficacy is to supply the engine power, when run motor vehicle readiness, supply starter battery will discharge power, and by the starter affects flywheel, crankshaft, from knowledge and operation of motor vehicles. In engine power lack or not boot for internal use electrical appliances, such as car audio equipment, lighting lamps and lanterns power supply system, when the engine normally after the power supply, battery will collect and store electricity, for use.

12 v battery charging, how big the 12 v battery charging current

12 v battery battery charge (normally The quick charge) Voltage is 15. 4V~15. 5 v, current for the battery capacity of one hundred percent ~ two hundred percent.

is confirmed by charging current charging voltage, usually the charger basic it is type in stages, in each period of charging with constant current charging current, such as a charger for the first section of the charging current is 4 a, the second paragraph is 2 a, the third paragraph 1 a, etc. , and constant current circuit voltage is auxiliary complete & other; Constant current & throughout; Decision factors, U = I * R, I the same, U must change as R. So, usually charging voltage, usually is refers to the maximum charging voltage. Usually charging current, usually is refers to the maximum charging current, therefore, on the basis of the two states that already know in the process of the charging current is change.

12 v battery charging voltage

the battery voltage should be no-load voltage is around 13 v, load voltage shall not be less than 11 volts under normal circumstances, lower than the voltage problem is likely to run, after the operation because of the generator to generate power 12 v cars voltage should be in the 13th. 5 - 14. 5 in between. 24 v cars in 27 v - Between 29 v, after the operation is generator voltage measurement, due to the battery and generator is parallel operation, this time couldn't measure the battery voltage. Battery 11 v, don't you know that you are using battery meter measure or using a digital multimeter, if is to use digital multimeter, there is no doubt a bit less, seems to be losing electricity, or after the operation of measurement should not be lower, if so, you should be removing the battery charging to supplement, otherwise the battery life has a certain impact.

how long will the 12 v battery charging can be full of

if power is completely used up, under the condition of charging about 8 - even Ten hours. If use low current charging, then to charge 12 hours or so to fill. Also note, however, is that the best choice don't wait for lithium batteries in the battery before charging, offer seven hundred percent charge remaining in power, this time only have 6 - Can be full of eight hours.

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