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The advantages and disadvantages of 18650 lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-21

18650 battery is cylindrical, the internal structure has a solution, because battery production and material, 18650 suitable working current, so basically all laptops, new energy electric basic it is made of 18650 cells, under that today to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of 18650 lithium batteries.

18650 advantages of lithium battery:

1, large capacity, common battery general capacity is 800 mah, basic and 18650 mah lithium battery capacity can meet the 1200 to 3600 mah, if collocation together into a 18650 lithium battery pack pack, then its capacity is 5000 mah can go beyond.

2, long service life, everybody said earlier 18650 lithium batteries can be one thousand times, a charging circuit can be normal use of more than five hundred times, than the service life of batteries more than doubled.

3, safety performance is high, 18650, the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries is also very high, both ecological and environmental protection pollution-free, and non-toxic, and can be at ease use, don't like fake batteries the combustion or explosion, and its high temperature resistant performance is very good.

4, 18650 lithium battery pack voltage compared to other battery voltage is higher, no memory effect, so after don't need to put the empty battery recharging, increases with the increasing charge to use, very convenient.

5, 18650 lithium battery internal resistance is very small, so the battery since the power consumption is greatly reduced, so everyone's mobile phone can extend the standby time, level is very high, can connect with international level.

18650 lithium batteries shortcomings

the first disadvantages: size is fixed

18650 lithium batteries the biggest drawback is he fixed volume has been good, in some laptops or when some products is not very good, this drawback, of course, also can saying is an advantage, it is relative to other polymer lithium battery such as lithium batteries can be customized and can change the size, this is a disadvantage. Some relative to the specified battery specifications of the products is an advantage.

a second drawback: polymer battery relatively safe enough

18650 lithium batteries are more likely to produce a short circuit or explosion, is also relative to polymer lithium battery pack, if the relative average battery, this defect, it is not so obvious.

18650 lithium-ion batteries use:

theoretically, 18650 lithium-ion batteries can be charging loop one thousand times, this is the life, we use a laptop's battery is generally choose 18650 lithium batteries for batteries. 18650 lithium battery pack has the advantage of stable performance is good, therefore in the use of the work is very stable, the current has a very wide range of various electronic field using 18650 lithium batteries. Such as mobile charger, medical equipment and industrial equipment, all kinds of portable devices, and wireless data transmission. 18650 lithium battery is the best choice for most of the IT industry, considering the IT industry to use the computer configuration requirements is very high, and stable performance requirements are very high, so most of the IT industry to use the computer all choose to use 18650 lithium battery pack as a source of energy.

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