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The advantages and disadvantages of amd black gold battery, black gold and nickel metal hydride batteries which good battery

by:dcfpower     2020-11-05

the advantages and disadvantages of super black gold battery, black gold batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries which good, in the past two years, the Chinese mainland swirl introduced various battery manufacturer black gold batteries, moved hundreds of thousands of consumers. A lot of people don't understand, what is black gold batteries, amd black gold is graphene in amd group in the rechargeable battery inside a column, published by rechargeable battery products, February 29, 2016, amd group released & other; Black gold high-energy battery & throughout; , open & other; Black gold era & throughout; 。 Because graphene material price is more expensive, so also called & other; Black gold & throughout; , which at the same time also appeared on the market a lot using black gold name & other; False black gold & throughout; Battery products. This is also we improve the ability of identifying, a large number of try to choose the big brand & other; Black gold & throughout; The battery to buy.

amd black gold battery application

transport battery; Transportation tools use rechargeable batteries; Lithium batteries; Luminous word advertisement type electronic indicator light; Battery charger; Notebook computer batteries; Solar panels;

amd black gold batteries

1. Amd unique production technology of black gold battery

amd black gold battery: six advanced technology used in the steel rolling and rolling even blunt even coated plate continuous production; Vacuum pump and paste technology; Double double diaphragm; Honeycomb high-energy electrode; 4 piece of plate type of production process; Bus-bar straight welding structure of steel rolling. Compared with the traditional rechargeable batteries, really black gold batteries both product quality and safety performance are qualitative improvement.

2。 Choose three top material amd black gold battery, driving force more powerful, more long endurance.

amd black gold battery using graphene, Also known as black gold) Materials, enhanced the rechargeable battery safety performance at low temperature, in addition its chosen exceed stable carbon fiber as the anode additives can make rechargeable battery driving force more sufficient, multivariate composite rare earth alloy metal also let the rechargeable battery firmer, longer life.

black gold battery defect

1, the process itself there are problems, also not perfect. Compatibility issues, specific surface area of graphene is too large, the homogenate is distributed to the existing lithium-ion batteries, such as process at sixes and sevens technology problem;

2, the graphene batteries on the market is not a pure graphene batteries, is only on the basis of the lithium battery pack is the inclusion of graphene's related technology, compared with traditional lithium battery pack, it caused by the performance enhancement is just only a little bit, plus cost of graphene is extremely expensive, its manufacturing technology are also particularly high, the making craft of graphene battery is still not mature enough, can't do mass production.

3。 The performance of the traditional conductive carbon/graphite is very cheap, all of them are sold by tons, and graphene is very expensive. Over thousands of the price per gram, this is not usually companies can afford it, far above gold jewelry prices, all types of customers. Graphene such much of the early technology in industrial development planning, maybe it will take three or four years is likely to appear in the electronic products.

black gold batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries which good

black gold batteries used in mobile devices, aerospace, new energy field is than nimh batteries for batteries, but used in digital cameras, digital cameras for electric traffic demand is quite large, with mobile phone power consumption also relatively big many, this part in the large current output nimh batteries but slightly better, nickel metal hydride batteries used in SLR camera is better.

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