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The bad effects of nickel metal hydride battery overcharge

by:dcfpower     2020-12-09

nimh battery charging, the battery internal structure mixed gas compound can keep the battery internal pressure dynamic balance. Therefore, when charging, batteries are oxygen evolution reaction will occur. The precipitation of oxygen through the porous membrane to the cathode surface. Below we specific see nimh battery overcharge bring bad effects.

in view of the cathode design capacity glut: 40 t & macr; → 2H? 0+O? + 4 e in the process of charging by the cathode can't absorb hydrogen and the hydrogen atoms compound into hydrogen precipitation, instead is to reach the cathode surface oxygen oxidation - with the metal hydride Restore the 4 mh + O? → 4M+2H? 0;

nickel were good catalysts for the above reaction. MH - Ni battery after activation, the concentration of the hydrogen storage alloy in the surface layer of metal nickel is greatly increased. When battery charging, activated carbon adsorption on the surface of the metal nickel hydrogen atoms increases, more conducive to the reaction. Therefore, will not lead to rising the battery internal pressure by oxygen precipitation.

the total reaction when the charging is 4 m + 2 h? 0→ O? + 4 mh of charging, the battery internal structure of the material is not reduced as a result, the positive analysis of oxygen is achieved through the formation and oxygen consumption substances of dynamic balance.

in the above analysis, the hypothesis of charging a battery cathode is out of the separation of hydrogen. But for the battery to turn into bad and makes the worse performance of metal hydride electrode surface catalytic hydrogen storage alloy electrode, the charging efficiency and charging capacity will be very big bad influence. When charging amount reaches a certain level, too much overpotential can lead to negative form hydrogen gas, and hydrogen in the anode consumption or being negative absorption rate is slow again. So when the battery charging, given with precipitation more hydrogen, and oxygen can't effectively anode consumption, lead to improve the internal pressure for short periods of time, finally make a battery leakage. Therefore, for the ideal MI - Ni battery, be sure to have a good metal oxide electrode to reduce the internal pressure of batteries, improve the work ability of negative oxygen compound.

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