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The battery soc is what meaning, lithium battery soc soc formula method

by:dcfpower     2020-11-02

in traditional fuel vehicle fuel meter, and how much oil, how far can also run, take a look at the in the mind is there. In is the electric car, the driver you need to know how much power remaining in the battery pack. Charged State and remaining power, SOC, the State of Charge, reaction in the battery pack is the current capacity of the total available capacity percentage of a parameter. Told the driver remaining mileage, is the value of the SOC to the driver, at the same time, the management of the electric car and battery pack control process, also need accurate data of SOC. Today let's take a look at the battery soc is what meaning, lithium battery pack soc soc formula method.

what do you mean the battery soc

soc ( 状态ofcharge) , namely the charged state, reflect the remaining capacity of the battery, its value is defined as the ratio of residual capacity of battery capacity, often expressed as percentage. The range of 0 ~ 1, said the battery discharge completely when SOC = 0, when the SOC = 1 said batteries fully charged. Battery SOC cannot be directly measured, only by parameters such as voltage of the battery, charge and discharge current and resistance to estimate its size. And these parameters also by battery aging, environmental temperature variation and the car status and other uncertain factors, so the precise SOC estimation has become a problem to be solved in the development of electric vehicles.

lithium battery pack SOC SOC formula method

1. Ampere-hour integral formula of SOC method

battery pack the main loop current real-time measurement, and the integral time, charging a positive negative discharge. Discharge process, with the initial amount minus the integral result, get the current electricity; Charging process, with the initial capacity and integral result, get the current electricity. Ann integral method one problem is that when the initial power of judgment, not directly. In addition, the volatility of the system current is large, the current sampling interval is a time to time, make samples values and a period of

average does not necessarily approximation, accumulated for a long time, cause obvious errors, and the error is not integral method can eliminate. Therefore, the practical application of the integral Ann must be combined with other methods, the problem of initial value and the cumulative error.

2。 Internal resistance formula of SOC method

internal resistance measurement method is to use different frequency alternating current inspire battery, battery internal resistance measurement, and by establishing the calculation model for SOC estimation. The way to measure the battery charged state reflect the way the battery under the condition of a given constant exile electric SOC values.

3。 Fuzzy logic method

fuzzy logic method, the basic idea is based on a lot of test curve, experience, and reliable theoretical basis for fuzzy logic, using fuzzy logic to simulate human thinking, finally realizes the SOC prediction, but the algorithm first need to have enough knowledge of the battery itself, amount of calculation is bigger also.

4。 Fusion algorithm

the fusion algorithm including simple correction, weighted, kalman filter and extended kalman filtering ( EKF) And the sliding mode variable structure, etc. Simple fusion algorithm mainly includes the open circuit voltage of revision, is full of correction of integral method, etc.

5。 SOC estimation method based on battery performance

SOC estimation method based on the battery performance including ac impedance method, the dc resistance method and the discharge test method. Ac impedance method is based on ac impedance spectroscopy and the relationship between SOC and SOC estimation. Dc resistance method by dc resistance and the relationship between the battery SOC estimation.

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