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The blade new energy car battery, new energy car battery upgrade improvement

by:dcfpower     2020-10-15

you have had known the company developed a call & other; The blade battery & throughout; , and new energy car battery, the blade is to improve update new energy car battery, what is the blade battery, blade battery is higher than or equal to 0 60 mm length less than or equal to 2500 mm of monomer battery, can be arranged in array ways together, like & other; Throughout the blade &; Plugged into the battery pack. In electric power equipment, chief analyst at new energy industry, points out that the blade cell implements engineering and technical innovation, improve space utilization from four hundred percent to six hundred percent, at the same time has high safety performance.

' Several years ago, in the field of new energy automobile power lithium ion battery, ternary lithium ion battery and lithium iron phosphate ion battery route, with iron phosphate lithium battery pack held back and stop here. ” Wang chuanfu said byd chairman and chief executive officer, the iron phosphate lithium ion battery safety performance is high, the innate but relatively low energy density, which is high energy density, but born poor thermal stability of the ternary lithium ion battery behind.

in Mr. Wang's view, new energy vehicles in new energy field, many companies into the travel distance of the blind comparison, the blind comparison of the pressure would be passed on to the power lithium ion battery production, let the energy density of power lithium ion battery industry in pursuit of impulsivity.

' In general, it is unrealistic to pursue, the energy density of batteries with partial power lithium ion battery industry development route. ” Wang chuanfu said that, in the past several years because of different battery industry company's technology and quality control level is uneven, coupled with the ternary lithium material itself, the characteristics of the electric car spontaneous combustion and explosion event very significantly increased, the high energy density of ternary lithium ion battery safety problem is breathtaking.

advantages of new energy car battery

1. More than 30% and lower operating costs greatly. Can save raw materials, through the reasonable artificial service costs, such as operational costs of the battery pack is expected to reduce 30%.

2。 Good thermal performance. Given the & other; The blade battery & throughout; Is thinner than the traditional square, so the cooling effect is stronger.

3。 Has high safety performance, monomer battery array combination way, very safe and reliable

4. Standard system of the raw materials, the concept of energy density can reach 350 watts per kilogram, so huge potential for development is more important than the lithium iron phosphate.

5。 To improve volumetric energy density is more noticeable. By patent, & other; The blade battery & throughout; Technology application PACK volume energy density of more than three hundred 30 watts per hour/L, the inherent cells system can be improved to 30% and above.

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