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The characteristics of lithium-ion power batteries, the classification of lithium batteries and how to name them

by:dcfpower     2021-03-06
Features of Lithium Ion Power Battery • High capacity • Small internal resistance • Thin pole piece • High rate charge and discharge performance • Good pulse performance • Higher safety performance requirements Lithium ion battery classification • Classification by shell and electrolyte: (1 ) Liquid aluminum shell lithium ion battery (2) Liquid steel shell lithium ion battery (3) Liquid soft package lithium ion battery (4) Gel polymer lithium ion battery (5) Solid polymer lithium ion battery • Classification by shape: square, cylindrical Named square shape, button shape, card shape and special-shaped lithium battery pack: W: cell width H: cell height T: cell thickness For example: 18650 battery diameter 18mm, height 650mm 063048S cell: thickness about 6mm, width 30mm , Height 48mm steel shell cell 063048A cell: thickness about 6mm, width 30mm, height 48mm aluminum shell cellu003c/pu003e
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