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The charger can also be the lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-09-29

smartphones cling to our daily life, everyone is basically a have time soon to touch up the smartphone experience, but the smartphone is power, and if the state of cell phone use will power, playing a lot of the time it needs recharging. Charge when you casually took root apply related plug-in charger for mobile phone of mouth, but most of the time the charger is not the original smart phone charger, with the iPhone, if we get the charger for apple mobile phone, ok? That you today to see the charger can also iphone lithium battery pack?

the charger can also charge the iphone lithium battery pack?

the standard answer is: the iphone charger can also charge the device. If use the iPhone charger to recharge the batteries, mainly because the iPhone charger only can supply 1 a larger working current of the output, the charging time will be the original 2. 1 times the left and right sides. But, it knows this is the iPhone charger, easy to enforce & other Requirements & throughout; Charging more than 1 a copy working current, therefore, will not make the iPhone charger overload and damage them. It also represents a, use the iPhone charger for the tablet can also, just need the charging time is longer.

the charger plug on 220 v ac power plug, on the other side of USB interface if not connected to the device or the iPhone, is not easy to have a working current flow, also won't consume electricity. Only after the connected to the device or iPhone, the charger will begin to work, through the working current of charger size depends on the state of the device or iPhone. You can also use the device and Mac laptop AppleUSB power adapter for the iPhone, iPod, AppleWatch, AirPods there will be other charge a new Apple products.

if in 220 v voltage range, the device or iPhone must have much working current, the charger will supply much working current. If the device or iPhone must working current than the charger is able to supply the maximum working current, then the charger will output the larger working current of the charger can supply. In addition, imported from the charger, if the output working current is too large, will trigger circuit protection, to suspend the work output current.

the charger to charge the iphone lithium batteries have what harm

this product charge is reuse mouth mouth, in other words, they can also have two type: USB input, and power input. USB interface standard power is two point five W, and the power input in general may be in 3 W - Range of 10 W.

the charger is 10 W, it represents the basic design from two point five W - at the very least, take into account Between 10 W power input is not easy to hurt. The iPhone charger for 5 W, this also represents the design of the iPhone at least consider the W - from two point five The range of 5 w power input is not easy to cause serious harm.

as a result, there is no problem of using the iPhone to fill the affirmation, is just a little more slowly, after all the iPhone charger also has 5 w, better than two point five WUSB mouth.

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