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The composition and requirements of the power battery pack system for electric buses

by:dcfpower     2021-03-20
New energy vehicles are an industry that is mainly supported and developed in the national medium and long-term development plan. The power battery pack system is the core of electric vehicles. It is also the biggest bottleneck in the technology and cost of new energy vehicles. It is the core link in the industrial chain. Its development will directly affect the industrialization process of electric vehicles. The requirements of electric vehicles for power battery pack systems mainly include safety, energy density, consistency, and low cost. The design of the power battery pack system is also a comprehensive science and technology integrating electronic technology, control technology, material science, process control, automobile technology, etc. It is a system engineering. Through the design and research of the power battery pack system, the article will introduce the composition, function and design of the system and the results of research and application. And combined with a pure electric minibus power battery pack system for elaboration and description. Power battery pack system composition and requirements The power battery pack system refers to the general term for battery packs and related accessories used to provide energy to the power circuit. It mainly includes battery modules, battery management systems (BMS), thermal management systems, electrical and mechanical connections, battery pack outer boxes and other components. For the power battery pack system, the design of the vehicle, the control strategy, the matching of components, and the functions of the management system all affect the application status and performance of the battery. Therefore, when selecting a match, the performance and characteristics of the entire system should be considered. Versatility requires good safety, high specific energy, high specific power, good temperature adaptability, long life, strong installation and maintenance, and low overall cost. Characterizing the basic parameters of the battery pack system. Physical parameters: the composition, size, and quality of the battery pack system; electrical performance parameters: capacity, energy, SOC (state of charge), voltage, power, internal resistance, energy efficiency, self-discharge, and life; Environmental parameters: operating temperature range, low temperature start-up, storage temperature range; safety parameters: insulation resistance, protection level; consistency: capacity difference, internal resistance difference, voltage difference; management system parameters: voltage/current/temperature detection accuracy, management And control function. Battery pack system requirements for pure electric minibuses. As a pure electric vehicle, this model has no lower requirements in terms of safety, power and reliability than traditional cars. The available space of this model is limited, so a power battery pack system is required It must have a smaller volume and weight, because pure electric vehicles do not require high power performance, but require higher specific energy and longer cycle life and reliability. At present, the specific energy of lithium-ion batteries can reach up to 200Wh/kg. It has stable performance, long cycle life, relatively mature technology, and a wide range of applications. It has advantages in the field of pure electric vehicles. The vehicle uses lithium-ion batteries as a power source. u003c/pu003e
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