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The correct use of low temperature lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2021-02-27
Low-temperature lithium batteries are widely used in aviation, aerospace, deep sea, power supply, frigid rescue, rigorous manufacturing processes and methods, and are also used in disaster relief, iron equipment, and vehicle backup power supplies. Power supply for extreme environment equipment such as cold-proof clothing and cold-proof shoes. Electronics overcome multiple technical bottlenecks and developed a series of low-temperature lithium battery products. Ordinary lithium batteries have poor low-temperature performance, and lithium iron phosphate batteries cannot drive electric vehicles at extremely low temperatures. When using low-temperature lithium batteries, you must pay attention to waterproofing. After using them in some low-temperature equipment, you should remove the lithium batteries in time and store them in a dry and low-temperature place to prevent and avoid improper use of lithium batteries. The occurrence of fire accidents. Lithium-ion batteries have low energy density, have the safety and storage functions of conventional lithium batteries, and have both high and low energy performance. Low-temperature lithium batteries also have the advantages of large discharge rate, stable product performance, high specific energy, and good safety. According to the discharge performance, there are two types of lithium batteries: moisture-proof energy storage low-temperature lithium battery and rate-type low-temperature lithium battery. With the development of science and technology, researchers have adopted innovative design concepts and specially developed a special battery for the low temperature defects inherent in the performance of chemical power sources. Using advanced formula systems and materials, the working temperature of the conventional lithium battery is- 20℃-60℃, the low-temperature lithium battery made of special materials can be discharged in the high-cold environment. Both high temperature and low temperature are key factors affecting the power consumption effect of lithium batteries. But the low temperature here does not mean low battery capacity. In terms of power supply: the influence of low temperature on the mobile power supply affects the conductivity and material activity in the battery cell, reduces the battery capacity, and also causes a short circuit, and the long-term low temperature will affect the lithium battery capacity. Dongguan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. supplies low-temperature batteries, low-temperature lithium battery pack packs, high-rate low-temperature batteries, special low-temperature batteries, low-temperature equipment power supplies, and military low-temperature batteries, which can provide customers with powerful personalized solutions. u003c/pu003e
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