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The development of lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries for the future development

by:dcfpower     2020-10-15

China as one of the fastest growing rapidly in the world, China has always been a foreigner gasp in admiration, the speed is not only reflected in the high speed of rapid economic development for a long time, also in a rapidly developing technology called, the rapid development of the lithium battery pack is undoubtedly the most can reflect the speed of China, you see now the rapid development of new energy vehicles is inseparable from the lithium battery, today we take a look at the rapid development of lithium batteries, lithium batteries of the future development.

some think Japan fuel battery symbol of the future of this country, in fact s logical thinking still stranded in gasoline vehicles, just put the station into filling stations. As for the super capacity battery, has irreplaceable advantages in the field of special industries & ndash; — Energy recycling, such as urban rail transit crane energy recycling, car kinetic energy recycling equipment; And in the field of power industry, the condition of considering the energy density and cost, can't become the key technology of the future possible. So no doubt, in the upcoming electric car revolution, lithium battery will be a leading role in the true sense, is the next 10 years to 20 years of persistent route.

at the same time, if lithium power battery through decades of rapid development, the industrial chain and evolved into a more stable, detailed and complete a mature after matching ( Supporting industries are huge moat, and the overall industry chain is relatively mature, may need trillions of project investment, this also is key to any other new technology barriers to unattainable) And the key technology of lithium power battery is more difficult to shake. Therefore, the lithium battery pack is unassailable title in the champions.

but the internal line of lithium battery technology and a variety of key technologies, roughly cobalt acid lithium, lithium, lithium iron phosphate, iron titanate acid lithium, ternary lithium battery pack, etc. , friends may pay more attention to the key technology which has more advantages.

the future development of lithium-ion batteries

nowadays research have a lithium battery, and lithium ion battery things, is the stuff of the last century, lithium air batteries, lithium sulfur batteries, are at the very least, the concept of a decade ago, and air battery, there is a call half the fuel cell, is at least a decade before renewing, organic free radicals batteries, I go to school ten years ago at the literature, solid-state batteries, is at the very least little decades old, fuel cell that is very familiar with, and some other name prick fry day, substantial no battery technology innovation, stealing a day in the column on the name of serious. Battery technology belongs to the slow progress of the product, no disruptive innovation, at least in the near future there will be no

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