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The development prospects of lithium ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-22

in recent years, countries in the world market trend of rapid development of lithium ion battery industry, lithium electric copper foil maintained a steady growth trend, the market demand in 2019 countries around the world rose 29 lithium electricity copper foil production. 20% to 14. 600000 tons, the growth rate of less than the growth rate of lithium ion battery at the same time, mainly because of the lithium ion battery development trend in the direction of lightweight and high energy density, 6 - 7 microns thin copper foil lithium electricity use ratio increases slowly, so lead to copper foil production year-on-year growth than batteries.

need special attention is, along with lithium electricity foil the expansion of the enterprise, supply tension will improve slightly, but for high-end lithium electricity foil products, will remain in a state of openings. Entering the lithium electricity copper foil in the future technology will again be about emphasizing the performance bottleneck of lithium-ion batteries.

a few years in the future, the lithium battery industry market growth around the world, the world copper foil lithium electricity industry market will continue the high growth momentum, GGII four years in the future is expected to yield compound growth rate of 24%, to 2020 will exceed 200000 tons yearly.

1。 The world major countries to develop the new energy automotive industry, market demand for lithium battery pack power copper foil will keep high growth situation, the main application of the copper foil industry to become the world's market market;

2。 With lithium ion battery cost reduction and energy storage technology, in the lithium battery energy storage system for lead-acid battery replacement, permeability increase slowly, in energy storage system for copper foil lithium electricity market demand further improve;

3。 3 c digital products field though the overall market demand has slowed, but high-end fields and wearable devices such as the new growth in the field of digital still strong, for high-end digital battery and high ratio of the market demand is still strong, the market demand for copper foil lithium electricity has risen steadily.

under the drive of national policy, new energy vehicles have broad prospects for development, and as a core component of lithium-ion batteries also have a good sized chunk of development trend. In future years, lithium ion battery market scale growth is the biggest power certainly is the result of the electric car industry market in the future.

the lithium iron phosphate batteries was China's new energy automotive industry mainstream products on the market, despite its put long life, but the energy density of the battery system only in 100 wh/kg, and the ternary lithium battery energy density can top 330 wh/kg, with consumers in the market demand of increasing the range of electric vehicle, and have the battery energy density advantages of ternary lithium battery pack is expected to replace the lithium iron phosphate battery industry market.

summary: 2019 lithium battery pack development potential is huge, from the point of market trends, with the relationship between structure and performance of electrode materials of scientific research, design of various structured from the molecular level structure or doped composite structure of the anode materials is will strongly promote the scientific research and application of lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries will be following a nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries, in a long time in the future, the market prospect and development trend of the fastest best a secondary battery.

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