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The development trend of lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-15

The phosphate-based cathode material of lithium iron phosphate battery is based on its long cycle life, excellent safety performance, good high temperature performance, extremely low price, and low temperature performance and rate discharge can reach the level of lithium sulphate. Level, etc., making it the most promising power battery material. It may become the main substitute for nickel-cadmium batteries in the next 5 years, and it will become a strong competitor of lead-acid batteries in the next 10 years. During the year, it may replace lead-acid batteries and become the main starting power supply, UPS power supply and backup power supply, and become the boss of secondary batteries.

On the one hand, most of the pure electric vehicle battery laboratory test data published by various companies, such as acceleration performance, charging time, continuous mileage, etc., must also be operated in a complex external environment. Verify its reliability and mass production quality control. On the other hand, in the production of lithium-ion batteries in my country, the separator materials required for lithium-ion batteries have not made a substantial breakthrough. They all rely on imports and are expensive, accounting for more than 30% of the cost of power batteries.

. If large-scale production technology is realized on this material, the cost can be greatly reduced.

For China, which lacks independent and core auto parts technology, hybrid/electric vehicle batteries and motor systems are important opportunities for Chinese related companies to become the world's leading suppliers. In this regard, the gap between Chinese companies and foreign countries is not as large as the current core technology of parts and components, and has a cost advantage, as well as accumulated experience in batteries for electric bicycles (especially lithium batteries).

Analysis of the advantages of the lithium iron phosphate battery industry

1. The lithium iron phosphate industry conforms to the guidance of the government’s industrial policies. All countries place the development of energy storage batteries and power batteries in their national strategies. At a high level, the supporting funds and policy support are very strong. China has surpassed it in this regard. In the past, it paid attention to nickel-metal hydride batteries, but now it focuses more on lithium iron phosphate batteries.

2, LFP represents the future development direction of the battery, as the technology matures, it may even become the cheapest power battery.

3. The market cake of the lithium iron phosphate industry is beyond imagination. The market capacity of cathode materials in the last three years has reached tens of billions. After three years, the annual market capacity will exceed 10 billion. Increasing trend, and batteries have a market capacity of more than 500 billion US dollars.

4. According to the law of the development of the battery industry, the materials and battery industries are basically showing a trend of steady growth, with good anti-cyclicality and little influence from national macro-control. As a new type of material and battery, lithium iron phosphate has grown significantly faster than the overall development of the battery industry as the market expands and its penetration rate increases.

5. Lithium iron phosphate battery has a wide range of applications.

6. The profit margin of the lithium iron phosphate industry is very high. And due to the support of the strong market in the future, the industry can guarantee this high profit rate for a long time.

7. The lithium iron phosphate industry has high technical barriers to materials, which can avoid excessive competition.

8. The lithium iron phosphate industry will not rely too much on foreign markets, and raw materials and equipment will not be subject to foreign companies. The entire domestic industrial chain is relatively mature, but domestic companies are Slightly inferior to international leading companies in understanding and control.

Analysis of the disadvantages of the lithium iron phosphate battery industry

1. The lithium iron phosphate industry is still in its infancy. The biggest risk lies in technology, and the technical bottleneck is not limited to a certain point. It involves the entire industrial chain. At present, it seems that the three key technologies of material technology, battery pack technology and battery control system have not been perfectly solved. In these three fields, domestic companies have set foot in them, but there is not yet a truly successful company. Therefore, it is difficult for lithium iron phosphate to make a big difference in the short term, especially in hybrid or pure electric vehicle applications.

2. The second bottleneck restricting lithium iron phosphate is cost. Although some of the lithium iron phosphate batteries have penetrated into the market of electric tools, electric toys, miner’s lamps, UPS power supplies, electric bicycles or other scooters, the promotion process is still very difficult. The main reason is that there is no competitive advantage in price. Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, and lead-acid batteries still dominate the market. The new energy vehicle market targeted by many companies is constrained by technology and use environment, and it will take a long time to open the situation. Therefore, 'there is no market for lithium iron phosphate' is also an indisputable fact.

3. The third more prominent problem is that the lithium iron phosphate industry is now in a state of disorder, the division of labor is not clear, and the upstream and downstream connections are not smooth. As a result, the materials produced by the material manufacturers cannot be used well, and as a result, they can only make the batteries by themselves; the battery manufacturers cannot buy suitable materials, so they can do the materials themselves. Many companies have a very clear positioning at the beginning, and only do one link. Later, the industry chain is stretched very long. As a result, talents, capital, and management can't keep up, leading to project failures.

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