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The difference between 18650 polymer lithium battery and lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-06

let's take a look at the difference between polymer lithium battery and lithium battery 18650.

1, the main application fields are different in the field of

polymer lithium battery in the main application field for commercial enterprises products than 18650 lithium batteries in deep depth and breadth to big many, mostly in 18650 basic can act as with lithium polymer batteries, battery case is in the field of 3 c products, in the smart products as required by the practical application and high endurance, 18650 lithium battery pack can't do that, and polymer lithium battery can.

2, differ in the field of electrolyte

these two batteries in the field of electrolyte is also different, natural normally even if the same battery, use the electrolyte may be different, here is different, the main mean shape is different. Polymer electrolyte of lithium battery pack there are three kinds of shapes, respectively is liquid, colloidal and solid, different electrolytes have different advantages and disadvantages. 18650 lithium battery electrolyte using basic it is liquid.

3, the production process is different on the

polymer lithium battery production manufacturing process is fold type, this process can deploy productively low cost change size and shape of the battery manufacturing, according to enterprise practical application of products demands to produce appropriate shape of the battery, make full use of the commodity space, make the goods more conform to the requirements of the application of the consumer market. 18650 lithium battery pack production manufacturing process is winding type, size and shape are fixed.

4, cell shape is not quite the same as

18650 polymer lithium battery and lithium battery in the field of batteries, the most intuitionistic is different in shape, polymer lithium battery pack are square, the shell is aluminum composite membrane, is soft package of batteries; 18650 lithium battery is a cylindrical shell is a steel shell, is a rigid package; While 18650 lithium batteries is only one size, the size of its diameter and high is fixed

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