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The difference between battery and lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-11-10

a few days ago, too many customers friends come advisory batteries with lithium batteries a bit what the difference is not the same, they are a just use area of use in the battery performance is different, the good today follow our lithium battery manufacturer to take a look at the difference between battery and lithium battery.

a, storage battery and lithium battery which good

lithium batteries and battery are two different batteries, from time to time be out to do. First is the basic concept of feature is different, the lithium battery is a kind of by lithium metal or lithium alloy for the lithium battery pack materials, use of nonaqueous solution of acid and alkaline batteries. The battery is also called secondary battery. Is a chemical change can be directly converted into electricity of a device that is designed according to the rechargeable battery, recharge, according to the reversible reaction of chemical reactions in general, often referred to as lead-acid battery. On the other hand battery and lithium battery in the factor of safety, price and low carbon environmental protection, the use of circulation service life, weight, volume, temperature range, charge and discharge energy density differences are common, internal material, etc.

2, battery charged how

after put into use, battery charging and discharging must be timely. Charging is designed to make battery storage energy recovery capacity, in a timely manner to meet the need of electrical equipment. Discharge is the purpose of the test battery capacity parameters in a timely manner, and promote the activation of the electrode active material. Battery charging and discharging condition is good or bad, will directly affect the performance and service life of the battery.

at this stage of the battery charging many specific methods, such as dc charging method, stable voltage charging method, such as the stability of the fixed resistor voltage charging and phase current charge method, float charging method to wait for a few kinds. Choosing scientific and reasonable charging methods will greatly advance maintenance effect of storage battery. Want to prolong the service life of battery, in addition to the charge and discharge in time, but also in the priority when choosing choose well-known battery brand.

3, the service life of the battery is normally several years

the design of the service life of the battery service life is 27 months, usually household cars more provinces, use 3 - many new car battery After four years, but changing once normally 2 years must be moved around. Taxi fee, single bus can be used in a year, 8 - double bus 10 months or so, almost need changing.

battery advantages

1. Absolute cost advantage: lead-acid battery is the most inexpensive secondary battery, unit energy consumption is the price of the lithium ion battery or 1/3 of ni-mh batteries. In addition, the main components of the lead-acid battery to lead, and the organic compounds of lead, lead up to more than six hundred percent of the total mass of the batteries, expected net salvage value of waste battery is higher, recycling prices exceed 30% of the new battery, so the comprehensive cost of lead-acid battery is lower.

2。 Recycling use of absolute advantage: lead-acid battery constitute a simple, recycling technology to improve, high recycling value, is the most easy to implement recycling and recycling use of the battery. Global recycling lead production already beyond primary lead production, the waste lead-acid battery lead to use it is more than 98. 5%, and utilization of waste lead acid storage battery in our country is more than 90%.

lithium batteries

1. High battery storage space, and can be used for a long time: the ideal state of lithium polymer battery storage space is more than one thousand milliampere/h, and more safe and reliable. Solid electrolyte as a suspected glue sealing, in the process of charging is not so easy to just naturally collapse.

2。 Soft package of wall thickness is small, lithium-ion batteries can be 0. 45 mm thin degree, at the same time to withstand a certain bent or distorted conditions of use and will not affect battery performance. Do 3 liquid lithium ion battery wall thickness. Technical bottleneck under 6 mm

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