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The difference between lead-acid batteries and electric bike lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-02

a coming May Day holiday, we travel without electric vehicles or electric bicycle lane. Today's China, the sale on the market to buy electric cars tens of thousands of various international famous brand, and lead acid and lithium electricity two batteries of electric cars on both sides have distinguishing feature each, each have each advantage of electric vehicles despite the rapid transformation of so many years, but a lot of people confused for a long time, the selection of the battery don't know what is the difference between the two, that good today we speak of lead-acid batteries and electric bike lithium battery.

lead acid and lithium battery electric vehicle distinguishing

1. shape design is better than that of lead-acid battery

configuration and quality compared to lithium battery in lead-acid battery requires a much smaller, in most cases, lead-acid battery in 16 - the total weight 30 kg, form a relatively large; The total weight and lithium battery pack in 3 - most situations 3. 0 kg, size is relatively small, so the bike light and sent also convenient and quick. Most cases lithium battery pack electric light elegant appearance, convenient move, a lot of lithium battery electric vehicles can also carry out folding.

1, durability, and battery life:

the service life of the lead-acid battery is usually for 2 years, and the lithium battery pack is durable, life is 4 - more Five years; Lead-acid battery recycling and fully charge and discharge is usually three hundred times, and lithium battery is fully charge cycles were more than five hundred times.

2, volume quality and operability

compared to only 2 lithium batteries. 5/3 when kg of light body, usually with the capacity of lead-acid battery about 16/30 kg; Not only the battery quality is relatively large, the volume is big; Compared with lead-acid car hard crag, lithium trams removable design, bike handling more convenient and quick.

3, market price and the price

at present market mainstream lead-acid battery was about four hundred and fifty yuan, and lithium battery price is more expensive for the appearance of one thousand yuan; Two types of battery price is different, the corresponding electric price is also relatively large difference. At the same time, the lithium battery warranty period is one year longer than lead acid, insurable for 2 years.

4, range and battery capacity

as for 48 V battery, full electricity situation, lead acid/lithium battery electric vehicle range are close, in fact is the key to speed, the size of the motor and other factors. Naturally, battery capacity, lead-acid battery will be slightly more than lithium batteries.

comprehensive, lead-acid battery for the largest number. Lead-acid batteries of the lowest price, also the most common, China is the world's largest lead-acid battery producer exporter. Its composition containing pollution is relatively less, can good for recycling. The disadvantage is that specific volume is small. In other words, under the same capacity, battery weight and volume is bigger. At present most of the lead-acid battery is made up of floating type of cell transformation. Floating battery has a large rejection quick charge and discharge current, although the cost of a large number of professional and technical personnel work has carried on the effective improvement, can enter the practical, but its life is very not ideal. Power lithium battery electric vehicle and lead-acid electric cars the zha to choose, which one is good, still should see its own expenses budget, demand to determine. However, after considering the new national standard published by the state policy, electric cars but must first registration of change after the registration suitability can be normal riding on the road, the best, so to give preference to accord with a standard electric ok today lead acid and lithium battery electric vehicle with difference analysis to this, thank you.

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