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The difference between lithium batteries and batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-18

lithium batteries and batteries are in people daily life, we usually also is very common, but you think the lithium battery is batteries that's a really wrong wrong, actually difference between the two is very big, or not? We next to see the difference between the lithium batteries and batteries.

what is lithium battery

the lithium battery is a lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials for safe use of nonaqueous electrolyte solution, the battery. The key is due to the chemical characteristics of lithium metal materials is very lively, the lithium metal materials manufacturing, storage, safe use, to the regional environmental requirement is very high. So the lithium battery for a long time still didn't get to use. With the passage of time the rapid development of science technology, social li-ion battery has become the main products now.

lithium battery can generally includes two categories: lithium battery and lithium ion batteries. does not contain lithium metal material state, on the other hand can be charged. Rechargeable battery a new upgrade product lithium battery in the 90 s, its safety performance, specific volume, self-discharge rate and the performance index price than are far higher than that of lithium battery.

what is dry cell

lithium iron batteries, lithium full name - Iron disulfide dry cell. Considering the battery using the new upgrade internal material, have a variety of characteristics, is often called the third generation of dry cell in the industry. Compared with 1949 for some alkaline batteries, lithium iron batteries is indeed very novel. The positive iron disulfide reaction occurred during discharge variability is relatively narrow, so this kind of special batteries used for development become a rechargeable battery is not appropriate, and collocation is used for charging but high capacity lithium metal as the cathode, can increase the available capacity. This makes the battery is very suitable for disposable batteries, is carbon batteries and alkaline batteries after the most suitable replacement. Considering the lithium and water can produce violent reaction of lithium iron battery electrolyte is using organic solvent instead of aqueous solution containing the lithium salt, relative to carbon batteries and alkaline batteries, this new type of lithium iron batteries from material to eliminate the risk of leakage. The size of lithium - Iron disulfide only alkaline batteries more than half the weight of the batteries, and the discharge total energy is more than two hundred and fifty percent higher than alkaline batteries. Have very obvious discharge voltage platform ( About 1. 45V) , so compared with alkaline batteries, lithium iron batteries discharge voltage is more stable. More significantly higher than that of alkaline battery discharge power. Particularly suitable for use in the heavy load situation, such as external flash, hardware tools, electric toothbrush, adult for children, children's educational toys in use. Meanwhile compared to the alkaline battery, the leakage rate and lower self-discharge, so used for low power electrical appliances also have a certain advantage, but in the popularity of the biggest factors is production cost is higher, the battery unit price is above one thousand percent higher than that of alkaline batteries.

lithium battery and the difference between ordinary dry-cell batteries

dry cell is a voltaic cell, voltaic cell that is composed of multiple circular board in pairs and in accordance with the corresponding order stacked, circular plate with two different types of metal plate, class with a layer of cloth, conductive effect. So its electrolyte is sticky, and this kind of battery rechargeable batteries, after put the electricity can not recharge, zinc manganese dry cell emf is 1. 5 v, if charge their phone at least section must be more dry cell.

1, the dry cells belonging to disposable batteries, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries battery belongs to, and can be repeatedly charging circuit, and has no memory, do not need, according to how much power increases with the increasing charge;

2, serious environmental pollution, dry cell before a lot of batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, the environmental pollution is serious, because belongs to disposable batteries, soon finished lose, but lithium batteries do not contain harmful metals;

3, lithium battery fast charge function, cycle life is also very high, this also is not dry cell, and now a lot of lithium battery structure will have protection circuit;

4, lithium batteries can be recharged using, like a smartphone, SLR camera battery is lithium battery pack, and battery can't charge, as long as it is finished the battery can't use, like the 5th and 7th department store sells belong to dry cell battery.

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