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The difference between lithium batteries and battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-14

a lot of customers have been asking recently friends our lithium battery manufacturer to ask what is the lithium battery pack, battery what difference between them? All right! Since everyone think know the difference between the two, that today we take a look at the difference between lithium batteries and battery.

what is lithium battery

the intelligent mobile phone is very common, in the smart phone is one part of nimh batteries, but to poach smartphone is lithium ion battery. Proper use of lithium ion battery is very important to extend battery life. Lithium ion battery is the most widely used lithium battery pack, it can be according to the requirements of the different electronic devices can be made into flat rectangular, cylindrical, rectangular and button, and there are composed of several cells in series with the battery pack. Rated voltage of the lithium ion battery is 3. 6V( Some products are 3. 7V) 。

what is the battery

battery ( StorageBattery) Is the chemical changes can be directly into electricity, a device was designed according to the rechargeable battery, according to the reversible chemical reaction complete recharge, usually refers to the lead-acid battery, it is one of the battery, belongs to the secondary battery. How it works: when charging use external power to make the internal active material regeneration, store electricity for chemical change, need discharge again put chemical changes into electricity output, such as the daily life of commonly used mobile phone batteries, etc. Fill it with sponge lead lead substrate grid ( Is also called the grid) As negative, filled with lead substrate grid of lead dioxide anode, and the density of 1. 26 - - 1. 33 g/MLG/ml dilute sulphuric acid as electrolyte. Battery during discharge, the metal lead is negative, the oxidation reaction, generate the lead sulfate; Lead dioxide is positive, reduction reaction, generate lead sulfate. When used in dc rechargeable batteries, the poles producing elemental lead and lead dioxide respectively. Remove the power supply, it back to the front of the discharge state, form a chemical battery. Lead-acid batteries can be recharged, discharge, and its monomer voltage is 2 v, the battery is made up of one or more of the monomer battery pack, known as the battery, the most common is 6 v, there are other 2 v, 4 v, 8 v, 24 v battery. With such as the car battery ( Commonly known as battery) Is six series lead battery into the 12 v battery pack.

common difference of lithium batteries and battery

in fact that what is not the same as the working principle, the price also is not the same, most battery is relatively cheap lithium battery the price is relatively high, but you also have your advantage is that of lithium-ion batteries use time will be longer, save the storage time too long.

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