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The difference between polymer lithium battery and lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-26

now society of current trade that is sold on the market most of the large capacity mobile power supply main is safe using cylindrical ( That is, 18650) Lithium ion batteries or granular two lithium polymer batteries, in fact all of this is the kind of lithium battery. We said today polymer battery is large quantities of safe use in large capacity mobile power supply of the above, polymer lithium battery can be safely used in electronic devices can also be safe use on industrial production equipment, large quantities of lithium ion battery is large quantities of safe use in electronic equipment. A lot of people don't know don't understand that what's the difference between the two batteries, today we know together under the difference between polymer lithium battery pack and lithium battery pack.

polymer lithium battery safety using field

polymer lithium ion battery is suitable for manufacturing industries have a touch screen mobile phone, mobile DCD, notebook computers, meeting cameras, digital SLR cameras, digital sallowness, their digital assistant ( PDA) , 4 g phone, new energy vehicles, portable navigation and positioning system, and its cars, high-speed trains, ships, spacecraft, medical robots, skateboard, electric vehicles, children's toy car, lawnmower, electric lawn mower, outdoor investigation of things, mobile devices such as manual things in the future are probably safe use of polymer lithium ion battery.

lithium polymer batteries

1. Battery storage space is high, can be used for a long time safety. Very ideal state of lithium polymer battery storage space is more than one thousand milliampere/h, and more safe and reliable. Solid electrolyte as a suspected glue sealing, don't have to worry about in the process of charging the literally took it for granted.

2。 Cryogenic discharge performance is high, the lowest in - 50 ℃ to 0. 2 c discharge, the efficiency more than 60%; In - 40 ℃ environment to 0. 2 c discharge, discharge work by eight hundred percent;

3。 Wide working temperature area, - 50° C to 50 & deg; C;

4。 Excellent cryogenic cycle performance, in - 30 ℃ environment with 0. 5 c to charge and discharge, after a 300 - cycle capacity remain above eight hundred and fifty percent;

5。 High safety coefficient, according to the UL/CE/UN certification;

6。 Overall dimensions is flexible, can according to customer's demand, on the shape size and style the design concept of ordering;

7。 Compared with the traditional hierarchical lithium polymer battery, conquer the - Discharge temperature limit of 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.

polymer lithium battery and lithium battery difference between

relative to lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer battery characteristics are as follows:

1. No battery leakage problems, its inside the battery does not contain liquid electrolyte, safe use of the colloidal solids.

2。 Can be produced by thin cells: in 3. 6 v400mah capacity, its thickness can be thin to 0. 5mm。

3。 The battery can be designed into a variety of styles.

4。 Batteries can be bending deformation: polymer battery maximum bending around nine hundred.

5。 Can be produced by a single high voltage: liquid electrolyte battery only can get high voltage with the number of batteries series, polymer batteries.

6。 Considering itself without liquid, can be made within the single star multilayer composition to achieve high voltage.

7。 Capacity than lithium ion battery of the same size will double.

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