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The difference between the lithium battery and lead acid battery - Shenzhen battery

by:dcfpower     2020-11-11

what is the difference between lithium battery and lead acid battery? Even if these are all batteries, but they were relatively large difference lies in a production and processing of raw materials and charge and discharge performance is different, so the cause of the lithium battery and lead acid battery industry application will have difference. Then follow our lithium battery manufacturer - today Small make up take a look at! ! Lithium batteries and where the difference between a lead-acid battery?

a, lithium battery and lead acid battery difference in the industry application of

with lithium batteries on the power density, specifications, style, there are more flexible, customized, on industry applications, tend to be more light and intelligent products, such as smart apparel device class 3 c products, portable mobile charger, etc.

lead-acid batteries a single large and bulky, and most of the machinery and equipment used in energy storage, inconvenience, carry is not always safe to use on the dc power supply equipment.

2, lithium battery and lead acid battery in the difference of raw and auxiliary materials

1. In battery cathode material, the most suitable raw material with acid lithium ( English learning said: Lithium cobaltate, this is a kind of inorganic compounds, in our positive electrode material is very common) Lithium iron phosphate batteries ( English learning said: Lithium iron phosphate ', when charging, passed between Lithium iron phosphate electrolyte reaction to the anode carbon materials, at the same time can release the electrons, in the positive transfer to the cathode of the circuit, maintain the balance of two kinds of chemical reaction) Lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary material ( Nickel drill manganese polymer) 。 Battery cathode material proportion is said to be three to four, occupy the important position, it is also an important factor level directly affect the cost of battery

2. In the battery cathode material, the main battery anode materials in lithium nickel oxide, polyanion, lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide, etc. Battery cathode material for lithium batteries one of four major raw materials, in improving the storage battery and recycling performance played a fundamental role, at the core of lithium battery industrialization of middle part of the key points.

three, lithium battery and lead acid battery on charge and discharge performance of the difference between

1. 3 on the working frequency, lithium battery pack voltage. 7 v, lead-acid battery is 2. 2 v, the self-discharge of lithium-ion batteries is higher than the lead-acid battery on many

2. On battery power density, the lithium battery pack is far higher than lead-acid battery

3. In the same storage, battery capacity, voltage, work environment, lithium batteries more portable, lead-acid batteries can appear more bulky, lithium batteries advantages are obvious.

4。 In the circulation service life, lithium battery is lead-acid battery before and after the double;

even if like this, lead-acid battery with large current charge and discharge performance of strong, still working voltage attribute flat, wide temperature applications, a single battery, high safety coefficient and various raw materials and make full use of renewable resources, high quality and low price, and so on a series of competitive advantage, in a large part of Chinese traditional areas and some new type of industry applications, governs with strong dominance.

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