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The difference between the nickel cadmium battery and lithium battery, which is good

by:dcfpower     2020-11-30

nickel cadmium battery and nickel metal hydride battery and lithium battery is the most popular of the three kinds of cell types at present stage, we today is mainly to explain the nickel cadmium battery and the difference between two kinds of batteries, lithium-ion batteries have what different, differentiate between the both batteries which one is better? So what the difference is that? Below you will talk about the difference between the nickel cadmium battery and lithium battery, which one is better.

nickel cadmium battery

a, nickel cadmium battery ( 镍- CadmiunBatteries) Features of

1. Nickel cadmium battery charge and discharge can repeat five hundred times or more, 100% of the economy; Small internal resistance, can provide high current discharge, when the discharge voltage change is small, as dc regulated power supply is a kind of very good quality batteries;

2。 This is because the selecting fully sealed, so there will be no electrolyte leakage out of the situation, also do not need to supplement electrolyte fully; With other types of batteries is worth mentioning that the nickel cadmium battery overcharge resistant or pass electricity, operation is simple and convenient and quick;

3。 The placement of a long time will not make bad performance, while 100% after filling the electricity can be restored the original features; Can be used in wide temperature range;

4。 Because it choose metal containers and done mechanically strong; Nickel cadmium battery at 100% under the strict quality management have been production is completed, 100% of sexual lai of high quality.

the advantages of lithium battery

1. Has high energy density, and energy compared to its high capacity ni-cd battery size is 1. Five times the weight density of 2 times; Using high voltage, average voltage of 3. 6 v, is three times as many nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries ( Nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride battery voltage is 1. 2V) ;

2。 The use of voltage level and high capacity; Load characteristic, 2 c discharge for possible; The use of common temperature - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

3. Excellent battery life, after over five hundred discharge its capacity of at least seven hundred percent or more.

the difference between the nickel cadmium battery and lithium battery pack

1. Weight and size is not the same as

to each unit in terms of the battery voltage, nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium is 1. 2 v, and lithium battery is 3. 6 v, lithium battery voltage is 3 times of the other two. At the same time, the weight of the same type battery lithium batteries and nickel-cadmium battery is almost equal, nickel and nickel metal hydride batteries are relatively heavy. Known, each battery itself weight is different, but the lithium battery for 3. High voltage 6 v, under the condition of the same voltage output the number of single battery fit can reduce the battery of a third after molding, and make the weight and size reduction.

2。 Discharge rate of power is not the same as

nickel cadmium battery for 15-30% ( Month) 。 Nickel metal hydride batteries for 25 ~ 35% ( Month) , lithium battery for 2 ~ 5% ( Month) 。 And above nimh battery self-discharge rate is larger, and the specialty of lithium-ion batteries compared with other two kinds of battery discharge rate is extremely low.

3。 Nickel cadmium battery and lithium battery charging way is not the same as

resistance of nickel metal hydride battery and lithium battery can't charge. So, nickel metal hydride batteries PICKCUT control mode with constant current charging when charging voltage to maximum, termination of charging for the best way to charge again. While the lithium battery using the constant current, constant voltage charging way is best, if the nickel cadmium battery charger - DV control mode of hydride and lithium-ion batteries recharged.

nickel cadmium battery and lithium battery memory effect of the different

when the nickel cadmium battery repeatedly after several times to maintain in the low volume of after filling, if must make a relatively large discharge when the battery will be unable to function, this kind of situation we call it the 'memory effect'. Memory effect may be nickel cadmium battery is the most problem is very easy to produce misunderstanding. Discharging termination voltage is set higher network camera, as time goes by use of low voltage change, look on the surface to be reduced as time goes by, but the low discharge voltage is also can be from 1 ~ 2 times of fully discharge and solve this situation. Personal advice after charging for a discharge ten times, in order to prevent the memory effect. Relative of lithium battery is concerned because the memory effect and no memory effect, convenient on the use of 100% is straightforward. It don't care how much residual voltage fully, can be recharged directly, the charging time can also reduce naturally.

nickel cadmium battery and lithium battery which good

nickel cadmium battery has the advantage of large discharge current, but later released 2113 nickel hydrogen battery is relatively not nimh batteries battery capacity is big. They are both 5261 is used for 7/5, 1 of the battery. 25 v voltage battery. Now, the new release of lithium battery production is 7/5 batteries, use the usb charging, the activity of 4102 considering the lithium battery in 3. 7 v accessories, to release 1. 5 v / 1。 25 v need to drop 1653 pressure process, so the test circuit is to respond to high current fitness, and lithium battery pack power density is relatively high, so the capacity is higher than the above two. If the battery circuit to do good, lithium battery is better than a front. Today the content of the solution, with lithium battery needs customers friend can also contact our professional source of lithium battery manufacturers.

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