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The difference between what is dry cell, lithium battery and dry cell

by:dcfpower     2020-11-08

now whether to offline stores, or online purchase dry-cell batteries, all kinds of brand, various types of batteries, battery should belong to a battery, is ordinary life is widely used, and the battery is smaller and lighter. Dry cell can be used in so many household electrical appliances. Why is based on mobile phones with lithium batteries, rather than dry cell, what is the difference between the lithium battery with dry cell? Let's take a look at what is dry cell, lithium battery and the difference between dry cell.

what is dry cell

common for zinc manganese dry cell batteries, Or zinc carbon batteries, namely dryLeclanchecell) 。 Dry cell most commonly is zinc manganese battery, there is the positive carbon rod, outsourcing graphite products and mno2 compounds, with outer layers is netting again. Online coated with thick paste of electrolyte and its composition and starch is ammonia chloride solution, otherwise a few preservatives dry cell becomes a voltaic cell, voltaic cell is seen by several groups of circular board in pairs and in accordance with the corresponding order deposit, and the circular plate with two different metal sheet material, class between layers of cloth, play a conductive effect, dry cell is made according to such principle, dry cell internal structure appeared a paste material, there are some jelly. Thus the electrolyte is the paste, and this kind of battery rechargeable batteries, can put electricity without recharging, zinc manganese dry cell emf is 1. 5 v, if used to recharge the phone cases need at least three batteries

the characteristics of the dry cell

1. Small volume, disposable products, can be arbitrarily connected to need the working voltage of the dc regulated power supply.

2。 Green pollution-free, green health product, but must pay attention to the dry cell damage, should be centralized recycling processing correctly, otherwise will cause environmental pollution

3. Safe use range

used in strong light flashlight, semiconductor recorder, sanyo radio recorder, digital cameras, electronic clock, children's toys, etc. , and is suitable for national defense, scientific research, telecommunications, ocean shipping, international air, all of the social economy fields such as medicine, is very powerful.

4。 Is also a long service life.

5。 Large capacity, long using time.

the difference between lithium batteries and battery

1, the dry cell pollution is more serious, before so many batteries are heavy metals such as mercury, lead, the air pollution is more serious, due to be disposable batteries, soon finished lose, but lithium batteries do not contain harmful metals;

2, lithium battery pack and fast charging function, cycle life is also very high, it is not dry cell, and is very much lithium battery internal structure will have ego to protect the power supply circuit.

3, dry cell be disposable batteries, lithium battery pack should be rechargeable batteries, can charge the battery cycle several times, and no memory, no need to according to how much is the battery capacity, increases with the increasing filling with

4, used as power lithium battery pack is the ability to constantly charging, like smart phones, SLR cameras in the basic is lithium battery, battery and battery can not charge, just finished the battery can't use again, like a shop selling 5 and 7 should be belong to dry cell battery.

5。 voltage work smooth, safe and reliable, high quality and low price, wide application field, high utilization rate of raw materials are rich and colorful and recycling regeneration, is the world all kinds of battery in large quantity, and has a wide application field of a battery; Dry cell: the main is applicable to the strong light flashlight, tape recorder, sanyo semiconductor material tape recorder, digital cameras, electronic clock, children's toys and other products.

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