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The difference of the lithium battery charger and power adapter is analysed

by:dcfpower     2020-12-03

difference of lithium battery charger and power adapter is analysed. With the development of market economy development, the innovation of science and technology, becomes more and more people use electronic digital products, lithium battery charger is accord with the battery working current, working voltage controls the basic functions, can also be charged after floating after closing system. Power adapter in general is just provide hundred milliampere before and after the 5 v dc regulated power supply, should match battery switch circuit ( Such as smart phones) Can also be battery. The power adapter as far as possible don't also can give lithium batteries. I might say so many you are not very understanding with us below small make up first to get to know what is a lithium battery charger and power adapter.

what is a lithium battery charger?

English name ( Chargerlithium) , generally refers to a kind of to convert alternating current into low voltage direct current (dc) machinery and equipment, the charger is dedicated for use by the rechargeable battery dc regulated power supply, its organizational structure includes speed down, fully meet the electrical characteristics of storage such as current limiter circuit switch. charger application field is very wide in the field of various industries, particularly in the field of daily life science and technology is widely used in digital electronics instrument equipment, electric and other typical electrical products. It mostly to battery can battery directly, not through the other intermediary machine equipment and configuration.

what is the power adapter?

the power adapter, also called external power supply, is small and medium-sized handheld electronics equipment instrument and electronic industries as well as the distribution of an alternating current is converted into electrical appliances industry machinery and equipment, see more at smart phone, LCD televisions and laptops and other small electronic digital products. Adapter can also be an independent system configuration interface equipment, also can be a data interface. In general use adapter most switching with power adapter, USB and serial port machinery and equipment, etc.

the basic function of the power Adapter:

English name Adapter, typical of the industry market power Adapter is through the variable pressure, rectifier power supply and voltage regulator tube power converter, the input and output is dc, under fully meet the condition of the electric power can also be understood as a low voltage adjustable regulated power supply.

it organizational structure made up of power transformer and bridge rectifier circuit, according to the input and output types can be divided into ac input/output and dc input and output; According to the interface mode can be divided into a wall and desktop.

power adapter areas of application:

most of the metal shell, the box-type transformers, inductors, capacitors, IC, PCB and other components, it works by ac input into direct current (dc) input and output; According to the interface mode can be divided into a wall and desktop. Used in intelligent security network cameras, digital set-top boxes, wireless router, article led lights, massager, and other machinery and equipment.

it organizational structure made up of power transformer and bridge rectifier circuit, according to the input and output types can be divided into ac input/output and dc input and output; According to the interface mode can be divided into a wall and desktop. On the power adapter and a factory brand, tags inside the electric power, input and output voltage and power flow parameter values. Power adapter space the most basic is built-in, most adapter volume is quite big, small volume calculation of basic machine are the external type, in order to better open source throttling space, on the other hand, changing a convenient and concise, also the adapter with alternating current (ac), working voltage is relatively high, put the machine structure is relatively risky.

the difference between lithium battery charger and power adapter:

1. Electricity regulation of basic functions of the lithium battery chargers have, has the basic function such as voltage and current detection, reasonable and effective to avoid the battery owes filling or overcharge. And the power adapter, is actually a power source, only need to provide a relatively stable working voltage, the rated working current of the line.

2。 A battery test without a

3. Charger and adapter's biggest difference is that: the charger is only for the battery, and the adapter to recharge the battery not only, also can give a computer host distribution;

4。 The point, the charger is box type transformer and electric storage regulation. Is like a box transformer is the car engine, the charger is the engine and transmission, if the engine is not directly connected on a wheeled transmission consequences, you know, don't stop! charger is to cover the basic function of the power adapter, because it is more than the adapter, a switch circuit can be stable for lithium battery pack, and not cause excessive charging.

5。 How many v power supply most of the rated input and output, the biggest such a mark. charger of the so-called 'storage regulation, that is, slow down and slow down, I often use the power adapter to can directly storage battery, but that didn't slow down so want to use digital multimeter real-time monitor the working voltage. As far as possible can be directly with adjustable regulated power supply to such as lithium battery, slow down and can slow down straight line. But the finished product of mobile phone battery is different, and the battery itself has a lithium battery pack protection board, can directly connect 5 v can work, before and after the current 1 a

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