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The harm of waste battery, four methods of dealing with the old batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-12-14

the harm of waste battery were introduced in this paper, four methods of dealing with the old batteries; In daily life, we should be how to timely disposal of used waste lithium batteries, second-hand is recycled and used on the one hand, again from the root to resolutely put an end to this kind of environmental pollution, this consciousness is very important for preserving the natural environment.

a, waste battery pollution and damage

more and more kinds of battery are more or less contain manganese, zinc, lead, nickel element, cadmium, mercury element, the battery inside the elements will cause great harm to human body. Next focus on the battery contains several kinds of materials for our human damage.

1。 Manganese element damage

manganese is a kind of milky white, hard brittle, has the gloss of metal materials, manganese is widely used to exist in nature, manganese content in the soil organic matter in 0. 25%, green tea, manganese content in the spring wheat and the black shell tree seeds. A touch of manganese assignment gravel, mining, arc welding, manufacturing dry cell, dye industry, etc. Manganese is normally one of the essential trace elements nutrition, it is crucial in the body of several kinds of human physiological function of the enzyme, normally every night manganese intake 3 - from food to eat 9mg。

2。 Zinc damage

zinc is one of the necessary nutrition of trace element in the human body, turned into a coenzyme in the active center, especially for the growth and development of gonad and normal metabolism of keep vital role. Zinc is more nutritional microelement, so is not added to the more the better, clinical studies have shown that zinc supplementation in children can lead to too much damage first have: 1, affect the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Excessive zinc intake will be conditioned stimulus gastrointestinal mucous membrane, the formation of gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms, such as nausea, nausea, vomiting, stomach bilge gas.

3。 Lead damage

lead to nervous system side effects often appear earlier, chemical reaction. Mainly reflects in: upset minded, active and lively, concentration, chronic lead poisoning can cause mental retardation of children and adolescents.

4。 Nickel element damage

if touch for a long time, often leads to patients with acute leukemia, will very often lead to the brain, and is a certain type of throat cancer or pulmonary edema. Suggested that patients not to touch, forming poisoning phenomenon of nausea and vomiting

5. The damage of cadmium

cadmium be a conditioned stimulus in the respiratory system, for a long time exposure caused loss of olfactory disorder, gums yellow dots or gradually in yellow circle, cadmium chemicals is difficult to be gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, but by breathing by the body digestion and absorption, hoarding in liver or kidney damage, especially for kidney damage. Also can lead to osteoporosis and soften the

6. Elemental mercury damage

mercury is a kind of heavy metal elements. There is certainly a harm to the human body, it must be not to eat in, it is the most worth mentioning in the heavy metal pollutants, the heavy metal, human damage to us, really. For a long time, in our country in manufacturing dry cell, is added to a class of toxic chemical substances - mercury or mercury. In our country, the alkali dry cell of mercury in accounting for 1 - than do 5%, neutral dry cell is 0. 025%. All across the country used to manufacture dry cell of mercury has significant nerve adverse reaction, at the same time on the central nervous system, such as the body's immune system is also having a negative effect

in real life waste battery pollution has become a serious problem, people daily life of commonly used traditional dry cell. They all contain mercury, cadmium, lead, zinc, manganese, nickel and other metal material. Abandoned waste batteries, battery shell will gradually erosion, the heavy metal material will gradually penetrated into the water and soil organic matter, cause environmental pollution. If people once take land production of crops by environmental pollution or the environmental pollution of the water, the toxic heavy metals will be added to the human body, gradually build up, causing great harm to our human health! According to the test section 1 battery rot in the soil organic matter, can make a square loss of land use value; A button button battery to 600000 liters of water environmental pollution, equivalent to a man's life's drink water every day. Waste battery is caused by environmental pollution is staggering.

these environmental pollution the biggest feature of metal material is not degradation in nature, only through purification effect, to eliminate the pollution of the environment. Heavy metal pollution of the environment, endangering the health of human beings we, if we ignore the control of heavy metal pollution, will eventually swallow the bitter legacy of the brewed, therefore, second-hand old battery recycling is more important.

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