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The harm of water content in lithium-ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-16

In the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries, there are many things that must be strictly controlled, one is dust, the other is metal particles, and the third is moisture. Moisture has a huge impact on lithium-ion batteries, which will mainly cause the following undesirable consequences:

1. The electrolyte deteriorates and the battery rivets rust

Lithium-ion batteries The electrolyte used cannot be used in an environment where the moisture content is too high. When filling the battery, it must be in an environment with a humidity of less than 1%, and seal the battery as soon as possible after filling to prevent the inside of the battery from contacting the air. If the moisture is too high, the electrolyte reacts with the moisture to generate a small amount of harmful gas, which will have a negative impact on the environment of the injection room; this will also affect the quality of the electrolyte itself, making the battery bad, and rusting the battery rivets.

2. The internal pressure of the battery is too high.

Moisture will react with a component in the electrolyte to generate harmful gas. When there is enough water, the pressure inside the battery becomes larger, causing the battery to be deformed by force. If it is a mobile phone battery, it will appear as a drum shell, and the battery will be scrapped. When the internal pressure is high, the battery is in danger, bursting causes the electrolyte to splash, and battery fragments are also easy to injure people.

3. When the high internal resistance (High ACR) battery is in use, the internal resistance is small, so it can be discharged with a large current, and the power of the battery is also very high; if the internal resistance is large, it cannot be When the current is discharged, the power of the battery is relatively low. For example, when the battery of a mobile phone is almost out of power, it can send and receive text messages, but cannot make calls. This is because when making a call, the power required is greater than that required to send and receive text messages.

4. High self-discharge (HSD) self-discharge means that the battery will lose its power when it is not in use. When this loss exceeds a certain amount under specified conditions, the battery is considered to be highly self-discharged and becomes a B product or an end-of-life battery.

When HSD is very serious, a fully charged battery will lose its power after a while, and even make the voltage of the battery 0V.

5. Low capacity

The internal moisture of the battery is too high, which consumes the effective components of the electrolyte and also consumes lithium ions, which makes the lithium ion irreversible chemistry in the battery negative plate. reaction. When lithium ions are consumed, the energy of the battery is reduced.

The battery can be used for 1 hour after it is fully charged, because there is moisture inside the battery, it can only be used for 50 minutes;

6, low cycle life

It is a lithium battery pack that can charge and discharge more than 500 cycles. If the moisture exceeds the limit, the situation will not be so optimistic, which will greatly shorten the battery life.

7. Battery leakage

When there is a lot of water inside the battery, the electrolyte inside the battery reacts with water, and the product will be gas and hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid It is a very corrosive acid, which can corrode the metal parts inside the battery, and then the battery will eventually leak.

If the battery leaks, the battery’s performance will drop rapidly, and the electrolyte will corrode the user’s machine, eventually causing more dangerous failures.

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