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The important role of energy storage lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-25

The energy storage lithium battery pack device is an important infrastructure for the sustainable and stable development of the new energy industry, an important means to meet the large-scale access of renewable energy, and an important part of the distributed energy system and the electric vehicle industry.

Energy storage is an important component and key supporting technology of smart grids, energy systems with a high proportion of renewable energy, and energy Internet. The development of lithium-ion battery energy storage technology is of great significance for improving energy utilization efficiency and improving the stability of grid operation. In the future, with the continuous development of power electronic devices and energy Internet technology, the application of energy storage technology will become more common.

Lithium iron phosphate battery is a more suitable technical route for energy storage among all kinds of lithium-ion batteries at this stage, and most of the current lithium-ion energy storage projects that have been put into construction also use this technology. At present, the price of lithium iron phosphate batteries from some manufacturers has dropped to 1200-1400 yuan/kWh, and the cost of the corresponding energy storage system has also dropped to 2000 yuan/kWh, which greatly improves the economics of energy storage.

Whether it is a national-level lithium-ion battery energy storage demonstration project, distributed energy storage, microgrid construction, etc., the application and commercialization of lithium battery pack energy storage are accelerating, and lithium battery pack energy storage The share in the energy storage market is also increasing. Judging from the currently announced plans, the trend of high-speed expansion of the production of important lithium battery pack manufacturers in the next few years will continue, and lithium-ion energy storage will also enter the commercial application range as costs drop.

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