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The influencing factors of lithium battery cycle life

by:dcfpower     2020-10-27

lithium battery pack in recent years, with its superior performance of high energy density, good safety performance, long cycle life, such as excellent, can quickly occupied the global market. The momentum of mobile nimh battery more fierce than before. Now the application of lithium battery pack so widely that the importance of the cycle performance of lithium battery is self-evident, is quite important better cycle performance directly decide the length of battery life, represents the battery can use how long, so today we look at the factors affecting cycle life of lithium battery.

1。 A: factors affecting cycle life of lithium battery electrolyte amount

electrolyte volume lack of influence on the cycle there are three main reasons: one is liquid injection rate lack; Second, although the filler amount but lack of aging time or is the cathode due to the high compaction causes insufficient immersion, 3 it is inside the loop batteries electrolyte are consumed; Three is the matching of positive negative especially in the cathode and the electrolyte micro characterized by dense and stable composition of the SEI.

2。 Factors affecting cycle life of lithium battery 2: using the environment

polymer lithium battery for the temperature is very sensitive, if use below zero degrees Celsius for a long time, may lead to great influence and harm to the battery life-span. And on overheating environment for a long time, it will sharply reduce the battery life.

3。 Three: factors affecting cycle life of lithium battery cathode excessive

if the cathode too much is not enough, lithium batteries may before the cycle is not analysis, but the positive structure change little circulation after hundreds of times but the cathode structure is destroyed and cannot receive the positive provide lithium ion and lithium, lead to premature capacity decline.

4。 Four factors affecting cycle life of lithium battery: coated membrane density

the error of the coating is too thin film density may be more difficult to control, active substances in the larger particles also could cause negative effect to the coating, rolling, more layer means more foil and diaphragm, which means higher costs and lower energy density

5. Factors affecting cycle life of lithium battery 5: material type

from the material point of view, the cycle of a full battery performance, is by the positive electrode and the electrolyte circulation performance after the match, the cathode and electrolyte circulation after the matching performance of the two, poor person to decide, the cycle of material performance is poorer

6. The factors affecting the service life of lithium battery cycle six: moisture

too much moisture will with the cathode active material adverse reactions, and destroying the structure, in turn, affect the lithium ion battery cycle life, at the same time too much water also does not favor the SEI film formation, but in trace amounts of water are difficult to remove, meanwhile, trace amounts of water can also be a certain extent to ensure the performance of the batteries.

7。 Factors affecting cycle life of lithium battery 7: testing the objective conditions of

test in the process of charging and discharging rate, cut-off voltage, charging cut-off current, detection of overcharge discharge, room temperature, sudden interruption in the process of testing, test points and outside factors, such as batteries, contact resistance are affected more or less loop performance test results, the sensitive degree of different material to the objective factors vary

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